Friday "ROAR"

Killian STEAM Leader's Academy- Friday, February 5, 2016

Our Beliefs


We believe all students are capable of learning, especially when provided authentic and engaging opportunities.


We believe teachers facilitate student learning by creating positive and effective classroom communities and by collaborating with colleagues and parents.


We believe parental involvement is a significant component to students’ academic performance and success.


We believe developing partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and the community is important to our school’s success.


We believe 21st Century learning is best achieved in a nurturing, authentic, and collaborative environment.


We believe administrators’ support is necessary to empower faculty, staff, parents, and the community to prepare 21st Century learners.

"It always seems impossible until it is done."- Nelson Mandela


Zuleika Jackson-Jones- 2/4

Happy Belated Birthday!

Recess Reminders

Teachers please continue to supervise all areas of the playground during recess. This is a serious matter. If students are playing a game of basketball, they need a teacher to be supervising the game the entire time. Students who are playing with the football must be monitored by an adult the entire time. There should be no physical contact. There have been a few incidences of fights and physical contact on the playground as a result of a football or basketball game that could have been avoided with close supervision and explanation of expectations. Please take time in your morning meeting to address recess expectations.

Safety Reminders

We cannot have any exterior doors unlocked except the front door. This is a district policy due to safety and security issues. Thank you for understanding.

Breakfast for Tardy Students

Students who report to school tardy, will get breakfast from the nurse’s office and head to class. They need to eat in the classrooms so they won’t miss out from your classroom activities. Unfortunately, our students don't drive themselves to school so it is not their fault that they are late. Thank you for understanding.

Homework Opportunity

Do you have students who frequently don’t have their homework? In the morning, when students arrive before your day officially starts, ask those students to get their homework out and finish anything that has not been completed the night before. It can be a morning study hall. This will help everyone be “on the same page” when your day starts. If you would like to have an instructional assistant help a particular student or group of students at this time, please let Mrs. Murray know

Check-In Students

Please email Mrs. Murray about how this is going in your room. If you have students to add or delete from the list, please open up the google doc and add your information. Send Mrs. Murray and email to let her know you have made a change to the document. Thank you!!

Roaring in the Robotics Lab!

5th grade is moving ahead in KSLM's Robotics & Engineering Lab. Today, Kahilil Wilson developed programming to complete a Figure 8 Challenge with precision. The code included the use of positive and negative numbers to maneuver the robot in a specific sequence along a designated path. Kahilil first calculated the degree of turn needed mathematically based on the motor rotation, then used trial and error to calibrate the exact number of degrees his robot needed, based on build variables and motor charge, to successfully execute a right angle. Congratulations to Kahilil for his precision in engineering and robotics. Click here to see Kahlil's work!

Building Positive Relationships with Students

Here are some reminders that might help:

  1. They are children.

  2. The ones that are the hardest to love need it the MOST!

  3. They will tend to act like children.

  4. Much childish behavior is unpleasant.

  5. If we do our part as teachers and plan for them and show them respect, despite their childish behavior, they will mature.

  6. If we respect and show concern for them only when they please us (conditional love), and only at those times, they will not feel genuinely respected. This will damage their self-image, make them feel insecure, and actually prevent them from moving into better self-control and more mature behavior.

From: The Five Love Languages of Children

by Gary Chapman

Reflecting on Planning and Teaching

Plan EVERYTHING with Intentionality- “Creating better learning opportunities for your students is a reflective practitioner’s continuous goal. As you seek to find the best path for learning for your students, you need to develop a habit of thinking through the nuances of each daily lesson. Ask yourself, ‘How will I engage Samuel? Julissa will finish early, so what open-ended activity can I challenge her with?”

From: Teach Reflect Learn

by Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral

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McKinney Vento Reminder

Thank you to everyone that has already viewed the McKinney Vento informational video and completed the Google Form. Click here for the link to the video. Click Here for the link the Google Form to verify that you have viewed the video. Thank you in advance for your attention to this process.

A Special Thanks!

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Dr. Gilbert and all faculty and staff members who assisted in making the trip to the Dance Theatre of Harlem performance a success! Thank you Dr. GIlbert for your passion and dedication to our students. With your help, these students' horizons have been broadened. We even had a community member come by the school this week to compliment and commend our students on how well behaved they were as well as their leadership throughout the performance! Again, thank you for all you do!

Upcoming Half Day Information

Friday, February 12 is a half-day for students. On that afternoon, the full faculty and staff will meet in the Multi-Purpose Room at 12:30. A portion of the time will focus on our AdvanceEd Accreditation. We will need the help of our entire faculty to accomplish a goal. In addition, we will review our discipline and performance data.

A Closer Look

Media Rotation Week

Monday, Feb. 8

PTO Board Meeting 5:00- 6:00 PM

Tuesday, Feb. 9

New to Killian Meeting 3:30-4:30 PM

Wednesday, Feb. 10

Lighthouse Team Meeting 3:30-4:30 PM

Thursday, Feb. 11

KIT Team Meeting 12:30- 2:00 PM

Friday, Feb.12

Half Day- Early Dismissal 11:30 AM

Looking Ahead

PE Rotation Week

Monday, Feb. 15

Interim Reports go home

Student Showcase Update Due

SIC Meeting 5:00- 6:00 PM

Tuesday, Feb. 16

2nd Grade Field Study

4th Grade Field Study

PTO General Meeting- STEAM Night

Wednesday, Feb. 17

STEAM Advisory Team Meeting 3:30- 4:30 PM

Thursday, Feb. 18

Beta Club Meeting 7:45- 8:10 AM

Ms. Carwise' Baby Shower 3:30- 4:30 PM