Japanese Internment

An false accusation

During World War two over 100,000 Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps out of the government's fear that they were helping their motherland spy on the U.S.'s plans for war.
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What they want you to see: A comfortable living space

This image shows one of the uncommon plaster walled living spaces decorated with flowers and lovely pictures pinned up.
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What is really there

No shine of plaster is in this barrack, rather paneled wooden walls with flimsy beds and exposed wires to a single lightbulb for a cramped room.
The internment camps were portrayed as free places with great big spaces to play with friends and laugh.

False "freedom"

Its difficult to feel free with armed guards around every corner making sure you don't try to escape through the barbed wire caging you into the camp.

A dark time in our history

We must use this past failure of equality to all in order to remind us of what dignity all americans, all people, deserve no matter what. Despite our fears of new cultures we must remain open minded in order to assimilate as a nation and act in humane ways and efficient ways.