Sisterhood of Spies

By: Matt Clausen

Nancy Wake #1 Spy

Nancy Wake was a very hard working, strong, and an honorable spy. Here are examples as to why she was these listed traits. I thought she was hardworking because she successfully created her own spy network and she served as a spy during the whole second World War. The two reasons why i thought she was strong was because it was said that her espionage skills were only matched by her physical dexterity also she allegedly killed a man with her bare hands during combat. I thought it was pretty obvious that she was an honorable person when she was honored with 5 different countries highest civilian awards. She was also the most decorated female spy during World War 2. I ranked her number one because she was the most decorated spy during WW2 and out of all of the spies she was the coolest in my opinion.

Noor Inayat Kahn #2 spy

Noor Inayat Kahn was very courageous, secretive and brave. I thought she was courageous because even though she knew about her consequences if caught she still signed up. She was only expected to live for 6 weeks and yet, she still signed up and she lived for 12 weeks instead of 6. I thought she was secretive because she was a spy, lived twice as long as expected, and she gave false information to the enemies. Last of all she was Brave because she was tortured and beaten and she still never gave up information to the enemy. I picked her as #2 because she was very good at what she did and lasted two times longer than expected. I just think that is so cool! Also she was a very loyal spy and I honestly think that is one of the most important traits for a spy to have!

Viollete Szabo #3 Spy

I thought Viollete Szabo was a defiant, brave, and smart spy. She was defiant because before she was captured by German soldiers she was in a huge fire fight and probably the only reason she got caught was because she used ALL of her ammunition. She was also defiant because she was executed for inspiring people to not being cooperative. Brave was one of my choices because she was a spy and a women none the less. Being a women back then wasn't the easy and she was a spy so she was probably not treated with much respect anywhere. Also she sabotaged for England while in France fearlessly for years. Smart was because she was picked by the SOE so obviously they saw something in her that was different, probably her brilliance. I picked her as my #3 spy because she was kind of good at what she did but she also had a Xbox 360 game made about her which I thought was very cool!

Princess Stephanie #4 spy

Princess Stephanie was beautiful, smart, and very courageous. I say beautiful because her main way for her getting information from important cabinet members was her looks! Eventually instead of using it as personal gain she started the practice of espionage for Hitler and he said that it was "espionage gold" for him. I thought she was smart because she survived the entire war and was a spy until the war was over and then she became kind of useless for them. I thought she was smart also because when she retired she moved to America because she knew if she retired in England people would figure out she was a spy. She was brave also because when she moved to America she told the president everything about Adolf Hitler and that helped us out. I picked her as #4 because even though she was very helpful to Germany she still betrayed them by telling stuff about Hitler meaning she obviously wasn't that loyal which is an important trait for a spy to have.

Mata Hari #5 spy

I picked Mata Hari as one of my spies because she was very smart, seducing, and clever! Mata Hari was clever because her "stripper" name was Mata Hari which literally meant "Eye of the Dawn" kind of funny how she was a spy and her name meant Eye! I listed her as seducing because she used her "sexiness" to get information out of people. Also I said seducing because of the fact that she was a courtesan for many powerful men in the government or military. She was also listed as smart because she successfully spied for two countries at one time. Also because people aren't even sure as to who she was serving for. I picked her as #5 because even though she was good at what she did she was a traitor as I stated above loyalty is important and if you can't stay loyal you aren't that great of a spy in my opinion.