Bog Turtles

The scientific name for Bog turtles are Glyptemys Muhlenbergii. They are the smallest turtle in North America, rarely exceeding three to four inches in length and weighing about four ounces. It's orange to yellow patch on either side of the neck easily distinguishes it from other turtles.
Bog turtles have two distinct populations seperated by about 250 miles. They are found in the Western North Carolina area. The turtles live in the mud, grass, sphagnum moss of bogs, and marshy meadows. There are two major threats to its existence – habitat loss due to the draining and filling of wetlands for farming and development, including housing, roads, and golf courses; and the illegal collection of wild bog turtles for the pet trade. We can work together to save the Bog turtles by never buying pets collected from the wild, Participate in the protection of our remaining wild lands and the restoration of damaged ecosystems.Support wetland protection efforts at local, state, and national levels, and tread lightly and stay on designated trails when hiking.