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November 21, 2019

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Dates To Remember

11/20 5th grade parent night at Cedar Park (6-7pm)

11/21 *Geography Club Check Day

11/22 Principal Chat 2pm

11/25 November Birthday Lunch Celebration

11/26 *Author Visit - Matthew Holm K-5

11/27-11/29 NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving/Holiday

12/2 NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day

12/6 *Family Movie Night 6:30-8:30pm Gym

12/13 Principal Chat 2pm

12/16 December Birthday Lunch Celebration

12/19 *Geography Club Check Day

12/20 *Winter Parties in Classrooms (1 hr)

12/23- 1/3 NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

*BSCO Sponsored event

See our online calendar for more information and updates throughout the year.

***Spring Conferences have been moved to April 1st & April 2

***BSCO Community Listening Session has moved from 4/1/20 to 4/21/20

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Volunteer Background Check

Winter After School Clubs/other Extra Curricular

(Sign ups are just beginning....more Class Fliers will be available in December)

Hard Core Fitness - Sports Skills & Games

Play Fit Fun - Before School Program

Science Matters - Machine Madness & Slimeology

THPRD - Winter Registration

Beaverton City Library - Children's Programs for Nov and Dec (EnglishEspañol)




In our previous Paw Prints, we talked generally about the five competencies of Social-Emotional Learning. They are:

1. Self-Awareness: Identifying your own emotions

2. Self- Management: Regulating your own emotions

3. Social Awareness: Empathy for others, particularly students different than themselves

4. Relationship Skills: Ability to build and maintain healthy relationships

5. Responsible Decision Making: Ability to make great choices

Let’s talk a little bit more about the first one, Self-Awareness.

Self-Awareness is the ability for people to recognize what emotion they are feeling and name it. Much too often, we are seeing students in our school and our communities struggle with even identifying how they are feeling. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be modeled and taught.

In order to identify these emotions, two things need to happen: first, they need to understand what different emotions feels like to them. When they are angry, do they feel it in their stomach? Their chest? Their hands? It’s important we allow kids to recognize where these emotions originate in them in order to do the second step, which is to name that emotion.

It may sound simple to name the feeling, yet over the years, we’ve seen students with limited emotional vocabulary. Students emotional vocabulary stalls after frequently say sad, mad, or happy ... and maybe bored! Feelings of frustration, fear, disgust, and many others are also feelings our students have that they struggle to express. When they can’t express their feelings adequately, we might see lashing out, tantrums, and other less desirable behaviors because of that frustration.

One thing you might do with your student is to start to expand your student’s emotional vocabulary. A quick Google search on “describing emotions” or “feeling words” will produce many options, from lists, to feeling wheels, to the popular feeling chart with the many different faces and the emotions they show. In today’s technological world, emoji faces are also well known among our students and can be used to describe feelings.

Once students can identify that feeling, then they are able to start learning strategies on how to handle those feelings, which we can talk more about in a future Paw Prints. In the meantime, here is a short video that explains self-awareness:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jim Hiller and Janet Maza



Take Action! Family Support

In the Bonny Slope community, we like to take action and show we care! We will be supporting 20 Bonny Slope families by collecting and distributing gift cards to assist them over the holidays. If you would like to contribute, please bring gift cards to the office by Friday, December 13th. Below is a list of gift cards that we feel would be especially helpful. Of course, any cards will be appreciated.

Grocery Stores – Winco, Walmart, Fred Meyer

Department Stores- Ross, Target, Fred Meyer, Dollar Tree

Trimet Passes

Gas Stations

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity during this holiday season.

The Bonny Slope Staff


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Inclement Weather Information

As the weather turns colder and the threat of snow becomes greater we wanted to make sure you have the latest inclement weather information from the district.

When school closures and delayed openings affect the entire School District, they are announced, beginning at 5:30 am on television and radio stations. This information may also be obtained from the Beaverton School District website. Changes for Bonny Slope may also be sent via SchoolMessenger. If you do not hear the news report anything about Beaverton School District, then schools are open. There may be times when Beaverton schools close early due to inclement weather. When weather is threatening and you suspect a closure, please obtain your information as listed above. Please do not call Bonny Slope directly. We will not call parents; but will follow the emergency dismissal plan you gave us at the beginning of the school year. Please make sure you and your child know your emergency plan. On a delayed opening schedule, school will open two hours late and busses will be on snow routes. For Bonny Slope, “snow routes” means NO BUS SERVICE. This means our doors open to students at 10:15 am and school begins at 10:30 am. Parents are responsible for all student pickup and drop off on snow route days.

Please see attachments for more information.

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