Nuremberg Trial , Defendant Guilty!

Article by Bailey Johnston

Hans Frank is Found Guilty!

Hans Frank is found Guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremburg Trials he has been sentanced to death by hanging. The evidence prosecuters used was a peice from his personal diary. "The Jews must be eliminated. Whenever we catch one, it is his end"...."This territory [Poland] is in its entirety the booty of the German Reich"...."I have not been hesitant in declaring that when a German is shot, up to 100 Poles shall be shot too."--from the diary of Hans Frank.

Hans Frank Giving a Speech

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If it were up to me?!!

If it were up to me I think all Nazis' (including Hans Frank) that were convicted of this crime should have been sent to a prison for the rest of their lives. It's not fair that they just get to die. When the Jews had to suffer. Now im not saying making the Nazis' suffer because that doesn't make us any better than the Nazis', but I think that they should be in a maximum security prison were the food tastes bad and they have to clean up the mess they made at the camps. Basicly make it so they want to die, but they can't until it's their time. Some people do believe that the consequence fit the crime. I just think letting him/them die was an easy way out.

Can we take a moment to look at those cupcakes though!!!!!!