Civil Right Figures

These people affected the future of African Americans.

Ralph D. Abernathy

He was Martin Luther King Jr. mentor, right hand man, and friend through out the civil rights. He was the one of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. He helped start the bus boycott and pushed to catch the attention of the North. He continued being a leader even though his home and churched were bombed. He also hosted rallies for the Freedom Riders. He and MLK Jr. were arrested together 17 times and stayed with MLK until the end. He then after MLK's assassination began the new leader of SCLC and tried his best to keep MLK's spirit alive.

Rating: 9, he continued supporting in the SCLC because he knew that they needed to continue fighting for the rights of there country.

Malcolm X

He was a Civil Rights Leader for the rights of African Americans and African American Muslims. He was made a minister and a spokesperson for the Nation of Islam. He spoke out in newspaper columns, news, and television to the U.S. about the Nation of Islam's message.

Rating: 7, he was strong in beliefs and giving support in civil rights. His only problem was his racism to whites and didn't realize until it was to late.

Elijah Muhammad

Elijah Muhammad originally named Robert Poole was originally a farmer and then he moved to Detroit. He then became a follower of Wallace D. Ford and Wallace changed his name to Elijah. Ford started Elijah's leadership for Islam and helped him rise to power. Elijah's best follower was Malcolm X, who helped spread the message of Islam.

Rating: 6, he betrayed his people because he had been an example of purity but broke that image when the Muslims found that he had multiple woman he had children with.