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January ends

What a month!

The end of the month was super crazy. The finale was the amazing 2 day long Careers Day that Nicole got together. It was amazing! Two full days of dramatically different careers with kids getting to hear different experts based on an interest survey they took. It was super fun and very well organized. Of course, the kid favorite was the 4 different police career opportunities: horse patrol, motorcycle patrol, SWAT and helicopter pilots. Quite amazing. Thank you third, fourth and fifth grade teachers for taking time from your schedule to focus on one of the district mission statements: college and career ready. We had that going on.

Dr. Cruz was here on Thursday morning (just in case you forgot;). He was terrific with leadership group and in his talk with the kids. His message was spot on and hit the college career focus. Each of the kids got a business card with their year of graduation on it. It was quite cool. After the 35 minute talk, he toured PK3 and met the Teacher of the Year and how inclusion works in her room. He was headed to the Ewing to see AVID but got distracted by the helicopters, motorcycles, horses and SWAT. He was very impressed with the school, the art work, our No Place for Hate work posted. He said the school had a nice feel to it. Thanks everyone for your help in getting ready for his visit.

Nicole helped parents with their focus on college readiness on Wednesday. A college recruiter from Iowa State talked to parents about how to start thinking about college, not just finances/costs, but scholarships, applications, etc.

Commitment forms: Marisa sent an email Friday with the information about the districts "commitment forms" to help determine who will be returning to Boone next year. It is critical we get as many back as possible. It helps with projects and staffing. Of course, 5th you don't need to do this. Please provide as many incentives as possible to get 100% back. Please send emails to those families who don't get hem back to you quickly to get them back in.

Questions about CLI on the calendar: You might see CLI on the on line calendar with your name on it. It is not a separate meeting with anyone just Ruthie. She asked we put them on the calendar to help with reminders.

We are screening 24 students for GT this spring. If you got a packet of information from me, please start collecting samples, inventories, etc.

K-2 teachers, thanks for turning in your DRA score sheet to me.

This week is Counselor Appreciation week and Heart Health Awareness Month. Don't forget to wear red on Friday. 100th day of school is Wednesday.

Calendar for February

As much as possible, here are the events we know about.

Feb 1-5 Counselor Appreciation week

Feb 1-5 Heart Health Awarness Month

Feb 1 New teacher meeting


Feb 2 Legacy of Giving assembly for 5th 8am

Feb 3 Principal meeting

Feb 3 100th day of school

Feb 3 PTA board meeting

Feb 3 Data day 1st grade

Feb 4 MOY II writing benchmark 4th

Feb 4 Data day 2nd grade

Feb 4 Thinking Thursdays

Feb 4 Climate Committee

Feb 4 5:30 Literacy Night

Feb 5 Wear Red

Feb 5 Veteran's Valentine Cards due (thanks to those who have gotten them to me)

Feb 5 DRA score sheets due to Kathy

Feb 8 Faculty meeting: CSH - Mike, technology- Stephanie (bring computers)

Feb 8 Art Fundraiser begins

Feb 8 Conference window beginns

Feb 8 Susan's birthday

Feb 9 PK3 and PK4 data day


Feb 10 5th grade MOY II reading benchmark

Feb 10 Data day kinder

Feb 11 Thinking Thursdays

Feb 11 Progress Reports go home

Feb 12 TGIF

Feb 12 Parent coffee 8-9

Feb 15 Conference day

Feb 16 No ARDS

Feb 16 DAC for Kathy and Beth Ann

Feb 17 Principal meetingup

Feb 17 GAPS after school group

Feb 18 Mindpop visit to Ramos 10-11:15

Feb 18 Paul's birthday

Feb 19 CVT meeting 9-10:30

Feb 20 Mike's birthday

Feb 21 Stacey's birthday