A Little Bit Scary

By, Valon Murthi

You may think Bill is a little bit scary but...

He uses his size to comfort people on sidewalks when there is not good weather out.

So they do not get rained on,Snowed on, or even get struck by lightning and hit by tornados! He also uses all of his eyes to track robbers.

Bill's good deeds

  • He gives money to homeless on sidewalks
  • Bill will cheer somebody up when they are feeling sad by telling a funny joke
  • Bill will play sports with people


  • He has a dad that loves to play instruments
  • He has a sister who does not like him
  • He has a little brother who just runs around


  • He likes to play sports specifically basketball
  • He likes to play guitar
  • He loves to have science class

Bills favorite things

He loves to cook chicken HE also loves christmas

And likes turkey also