Leadership Infographic #sweg

What is Leadership?

What defines a leader?

A leader is defined by the way they act towards they're specific goal. A leader is someone who wouldn't act selfless towards they're purpose. A leader is someone whom guides they're followers to their objective.
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What type of leader are you?

Im plenty types of leader, there are just times where I must act as one instead of another. I'm usually the type of leader to act in dangerous, and dramatic situations. I feel that I act most effectivley in that type of scenario. This would have to be connected to my narrative from Ms. Harandas Class. I had acted to help my injured friend.
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How does your personality style affect your leadership style and vice versa?

I have a very cocky, and arrogant attitude. Sometimes it proves useful in leadership, sometimes it gets me in trouble. I have noticed that my cockiness gives me the confidence to do what i'm suppposed to do. My friends also play an important in my leadership skills. My friends know that they can count on me, and i'm determined not to dissapoint those closest to me.
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What did you learn about yourself that you can use to grow as a leader?

I have learned that i'm a very agressive leader. I am very initiative when comes to leading whoever is counting on me. I can use the aggresiveness and become as well a more kind leader, but as well strict. I know that sometimes that I can horse around with friends, or stray off from working, but in the end I am confident in finishing what I started.
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