November Library Update

Houston Academy

What's Happening in the Library

History Fair and Research Skills in the Library

This month we've been working with Social Studies and ELA classes on skills for research with a focus on History Fair. We ended October and started November by reviewing our skills at determining the difference between a primary and secondary resource playing the 'Name That Resource' game.

We continued in Sixth Grade Social Studies by reviewing the Aldine Internet Resources, and determining which resources we thought would be of most benefit to us as researchers. This gave us an opportunity to break out our brand new Chromebooks to test them out.

We are still working on getting everyone working passwords for the Chromebooks. They will prove to be a valuable resource for students to help them gain the technology skills they need.

Bluebonnet Books in the Library

Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet

This month the students and I have been reading the book Balloons Over Broadway in the library during their Language Arts classes. Balloons Over Broadway is a biography of Tony Sarg, the man who invented the balloons that we see every Thanksgiving in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sarg was actually a puppeteer who used his inventiveness and ingenuity to create something completely different. He left behind a huge legacy, not only in the creation of the balloons we now expect to see every Thanksgiving, but also in puppeteering. His work was a major influence on Jim Henson, the inventor of the Muppets, who's work our students recognize from Sesame Street.

Below I've included a brief video from 1937 of one of Sarg's famous Macy's Parade balloons on the beach in Nantucket, and the video below that is actual footage of the balloons in the Macy's Parade in the late 1930s.

Tony Sarg's Sea Monster, 1937 - NHA Research Library Film Collection
Macys Parade 1930s

The Spelling Bee is Coming! The Spelling Bee is Coming!

The Houston Academy Spelling Bee is coming up soon! The school-wide Bee will be on January 14, 2014, but classroom Bees will be done in December. Each Language Arts teacher will be responsible for conducting their own classroom Bees in each block and turning the student names to Ms. Gilbert by December 10th!