JCE Monday Notes

December 14, 2015

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 15 - 5th Grade Math Power Planning

Wednesday, December 16 - 5th Grade ELA Power Planning

Wednesday, December 16 - Faculty Holiday Celebration after school

Thursday, December 17 - Kindergarten Data Teams

Friday, December 18 - 1st Grade Data Teams

Friday, December 18 - Wear PJs and Chorus “Christmas At the Movies” Grades 3-5 8:30AM and K-2 at 9AM

Monday, December 21 - Friday, January 1 - WINTER BREAK

Monday, January 4 - Professional Development

PL Day—1/4 (8am-4pm)

8:00am-11:30 am Time in rooms to do grades/report cards on own

11:30am-1:00pm Enjoy a leisurely long lunch

1:00-2:00 Surveys

2:00-4:00 Team/Dept. Planning Time for Q3

Thank you to all who have supported the Arts at JCE by purchasing items from Square 1. As of today, all items have been sent home. If there are any issues, please contact me via email @ mcoleman@forsyth.k12.ga.us BEFORE the end of next week. Thanks again for your support!!!

Partner in Education Spotlight:

Lanier Islands Magical Nights of Lights and Winter Adventure is offering 25% off ticket prices for our district employees. To receive the deal, please show your badge or use FORSYTH2015 online.

From Admin

We know the biggest gift we can give you is the gift of time. We want each of you to spend every moment over break with family and friends. The time goes by way too fast and you need to soak up every moment with the ones you love. With this in mind, we have intentionally left Jan. 4 without Professional Learning Sessions and wide open for you to work on all that needs completing this time of year. We want you to know you will have the whole morning to get grading/report cards completed. We hope you will also go out as a team or dept. and enjoy a long lunch to reconnect and catch up together. When you return from lunch there will be a few LKES and DOE surveys that you will need time to complete, and we will send out more details that am. Then the rest of the afternoon is for you to plan for Q3 as a team. We hope this will allow you to take a breath, kick back, and relax over the winter break knowing you will have the time to work on all this once you come back.

Instructional Extension Grades 3-5: Teachers, as you get any permission forms back for Instructional Extension, please send them to the front office in your pink envelope, or place them in Jennifer’s mailbox. Once we see how many students are accepting this invitation to participate, we may be able to offer this service to other students based on availability. Thank you!

Counselor's Corner


Second and Third grades are coming for Personal Safety and Internet Safety with Mrs. Flynn (room #1213) through January 11th! This is Linda’s last week with me! I am so happy to announce that our wonderful Admin Team is going to cover the remainder of the Personal Safety Lessons in January so you will not need to stay! I know how busy everyone is and how precious planning time is. Next year we will need to go back to having the teachers stay. Everyone should have sent the letter about these lessons home a few weeks ago when I emailed it out to you. Also, Please be sure to let me know if you have students who are not participating so, we together, can be sure they are not present in my room for the lessons.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your break!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything!

Have a wonderful week,

Onalee and Linda



CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR BREAK! Your password may expire while we are gone, so it's best to change it before you go. Press Control, Alt, Delete and choose "Change Password".

Chromebook users - Please make sure that your students complete the logging OFF process. Once they click "sign out", they need to click in the upper right-hand corner of the icon that shows up and "remove this user".

Cool Tools (52 tools)

Here is a website with 52 tech tools. Consider it a technology toolbox. Your teacher tech APP store. This blog has a list of tools to use in your classroom, but it also categorizes the apps as to what job they do AND it also gives you a quick preview of the tool before you go and sign up for an account. Pretty neat if you ask me and worth checking out….you never know what you may find =)



Thanks to Jenelle Crocker for these tech finds! :-)

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