A Simple World

By Brandon Tran


-I word 7 billion people

-330000 litres of peace

-250000 Tonnes of Justice

-990000kg of Equal Rights

-1000000 Of Freedom

-60000ml of respect

Add Method

Step 1-Add i one of 7 billion of people litres of peace so they can have some hormany.
Step 2-Boil 50,000L of justice so we could be treated fairly.
Step 3-Stir 99000KG that has equal rights so they can respect each others ideas and opinion.
Step 4-Crack 1000000ml of freedom so all the people can have fun without the wrong laws.
Step 5-Finally Slice and Serve and slice 60000ml of respecting so they can listen to each other idea and plans.

Peace on Earth

Sharing each other idea and thoughts