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Social Media professional development plan EDIT 663

Social Media professional development plan

  1. Keystone Project, Teaching and Learning Plan: ISTE C 4b: Social Media professional development plan and implementation
  • Purpose: Goals or purpose for the professional development (PD)

The purpose of this PD plan is to inspire educators and provide them with the information, data and tools to be effective at implementing social media platforms in the classroom.

  • Standards: ISTE standards 2 a-h Design and and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

The standard I am focusing on within this PD plan include 2 (a) :Design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity.

  • Context: Who is the training for? This training is for K-12 educators from all subjects who desire to incorporate social media tools into their interdisciplinary subjects.

  • Learning outcomes: intended outcomes for the PD participants - what will they learn? The learning outcomes from this PD, include teachers will be able to:
  • 1. Identify how to utilize the social media platform polleverywhere.com.
  • 2. Provide examples of how you could integrate this tool into your instruction, planning and curriculum.

  • Activities: activities -i.e. demonstration, explanation of features, strategies to use in teaching, hands-on activities, guided practice, and feedback.

Activities will include digital interaction with the social media tool polleverywhere.com. Teachers will create an account at polleverywhere.com and explore the tools.

  • Evaluation: My evaluation for my PD participants include teachers creating an instructional poll at polleverywhere.com.
  • Summary: My summary of this PD is that it is a pretty effective one that allows teachers to be hands-on and interact with the media platform

Ed Tech and Differentiation for All Learners!

Calling all poll lovers! How many times have you browsed your favorite magazines, newspapers and began examining data that caught your attention, whether they were numbers, or percentages? (i.e. 55 percent graduation looms in NYC, etc.)

However, perhaps you have felt confused by data images you see and seek to make sense of the information and data in a tangible, engaging way? I have certainly placed myself in the latter category, finding myself struggling to disseminate the data and information.

Consequently, as pedagogues, what if there were a way that we could present data and content in a highly visual, engaging way to encourage student engagement, participation and the skill of analyzing data?

Compared to clickers or other audience response systems (ARS). The great thing about Poll Everywhere is that you can engage your classroom or meeting without any clunky and easy-to-forget hardware— and with a device you can be certain most everyone has on them at all times— a mobile phone! You’ll be asking your students to use their phones, tablets, or laptops to respond to polls that you present. The results appear live on the display. You can use this tool to quiz your class, discuss the results, and use that insight to guide the classroom discussion or curriculum as you move forward through your presentation.

It’s fun to work with the eager, outgoing students. Holding the attention of bored or disinterested students is a bigger challenge. So is the ongoing, tug-of-war effort to get quiet students to contribute in class. Conversation has the power to engage anyone, even a restless group of students, but it’s not always easy to have a productive conversation in the classroom setting. Real-time polling allows you to transform one-way lectures into two-way conversations, instantly. In the time it would take one student to raise a hand and respond, live polling allows you to hear from every student in class, and then tailor instruction to their needs.

Project responses up on a screen in front of class, and this low-pressure way of getting everyone to contribute also makes students feel empowered.

I've seen Polleverywhere.com facilitated in large conference setting with roughly 1,000 people and be effective with the utilization of cell phones, tablets, and laptops, virtually any device with Wifi service!

In addition, Polleverywhere.com allows we educators to truly differentiate our instruction by asking students multiple choice, open-ended and discussion orientated responses. As pictured below, students can even select the type of data format they want to utilize to engage in.

Since I recently discovered this fun data tool, I have not yet implemented it within my instruction, but plan on doing a dry run with one of my high school classes to get their feedback and results on utilizing the Polleverywhere.com tool.

For additional information, please see the links below for tutorial resources to utilizing Polleverywhere.com

User Guide for step-by step instructions: www.polleverywhere.com/guide
Video Guide for speedy and fun review: www.polleverywhere.com/videos
Webinar A weekly interactive lesson on the basics of how to create a poll, customize polls, insert the slides into Powerpoint, and run reports. Every Thursday at 1pm PST/4pm EST:www.poll4.com/webinar

Presenting Polleverywhere.com!

Ms. Hardwick's Bio

I am a NYS licensed CTE educator (career and technology education). Specifically, my area of expertise is the media communications sector. I've been teaching for four years, three (after this completion year) have been in the NYC DOE. I currently teach 10th grade in the NYC DOE in a south Bronx high school with 100 percent ELL students.

Specifically, I teach two different curriculua, which are technology certifications. In addition, I am also the (newly minted) CTE Director of my school. I truly enjoy my students, however, it is very challenging and rigourous teaching a high needs population of 100 percent ELL students.

Thus, I am genuinely looking forward to inspire educators to utilize various digital platforms in an interdisciplinary way, to ultimately strengthen my instruction further in providing additional UDL aligned support for my students.

I look forward to learning and exchanging ideas with everyone!

PD Teacher Directions

Hello teachers,
As we begin this PD, please follow the below steps to explore polleverywhere.com

1. You should have read the background information about polleverwhere.com

2. Go to the site: polleverwhere.com

3. Together, follow the steps with me to explore the site and complete tasks such as: creating a poll assessment, using your cell phone to respond to polls.

4. Together, we'll surely explore this social media journey of what is ed tech instruction and assessment for learning at its best!
Introducing Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere