China Feminist Rally

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

The Injustice against us!

Women exert laborious efforts towards maintaining their household and introducing innovations to the society which are essential for further progression socially and economically. Women must realize their role as being equivalent to that of men through a series of protests against job discrimination, pay differentials between men and women, and their lack of legal equality. If women provide the same dedication and compassion towards a certain cause or goal, they should not be stripped of their unalienable rights which are clearly highlighted in the Declaration of Independence. While these factors encourage a female's role in workplaces and legal affairs, they don't ensure independence in terms of biological oppression. Women must demand full control of their bodies and their reproductive systems. We must be provided with the capability of birth control and abortion in order to ensure our economic equality and independence. Only with these birth control measures will women be able to determine whether or when to have children which penetrates through the saying that biology is destiny. While these goals seem attainable, women must realize the effect of long-standing Confucian values that continue to degrade the status of women. While this should serve as an indication of the limit for female progression, feminists must retain the concepts of equality in order to assert themselves into a justified position in occupation or household setting. Through accumulating the lack of social, economic, legal equality, birth control mechanisms, abortion, and religion one determines the role of women in a vastly expanding and developing nation which requires the usage of a larger amount of people with strengths that suit them for specific tasks