The fastes land animal,its long legged body is build for speed,its body is taned with water with black spots,they have a small body witha small head.cheetahs mainly eat gazelles,in 1900 there wus over 100,000 cheetahs,today 9,000 to 12,000 in africa and in iran there are 200 cheetahs living in small populations. really cheetahs were found in africa,cheethas rely on tall grass to hunt and mostly do it in the morning or early evening''.why cant cheetahs be with us today?'' and why are they leaving so quick?,and why are they being hunted? well some cheethas be hunted down cause of there fur,for rugs,nice floor,and even a door mat, and its not right cheetahs have a more likely chance of livivng like us people,we have lost a population of 90% of cheetahs today and if we dont act today we may loose them, we can take care of them we can send out a message to tell people to stop doing harm to cheetahs and we can courage them to make it stop we all have a chance to do something good and now its our chance....
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