Epic Structural Failure

Learn About This Amazing Playground Fail!

History and Details About the Brooklyn Bridge Park!

You know the drill touch playground equipment or have your parents feel the equipment to make sure the swing or other equipment is not to hot before putting a child on it. The thing that made this playground a fail was the designers overlooked that one aspect making sure the equipment is not to hot, overlooking that the designers built this playground out of steel.

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Why this Playground Failed at First

At first the Brooklyn Bride park's playground failed because they designers made it out of steel which in turn burnt many adults and children. Because of people being burnt the builders of this playground had to reconstruct the playground out of a material that could be safely touched at all times of the year. In July 2010 the New York Post reported that the playground would be reconstructed out of a safer material.The steel equipment became so hot that some people said "The playground equipment got so hot that you could fry an egg on it"!

Failure Fun Facts