Internet Safety

Danger is everywhere, and the internet is no exemption....

Trolls, and people who live to destroy your life.

Although it sounds very promising on paper, the idea of connecting with thousands of people around the world on one mobile web of internet, but as all good things have to have a catch, this one is a bit nasty, even by sadist standards. There are people on the internet that only post and look around to put the users of the site down with rude comments and disgusting tactics.

The Dark Side of the Internet

Be warned, this is where it gets weird...

Thousands of people every day use the internet, but half of them don't know that the internet has a dark secret, a secret that should be pushed far down into the depths of hell. Yes, I'm talking about the sites that fall under the category of pornographical sites, and sites that use click-bait to steal your information, then sell that information to telemarketers and even on the Black Market. Bottom line, do NOT venture there, unless you have nothing to loose, then by all means, go there. But you have been warned.

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