Mental Madness

By; BRIAN FALKNER, Publisher; THE TOMORROW CODE ,2009, 349pg

The NO-neuro crew

Sam Wilson is the main character, he is a 17-18 year old. His partner from in crime/work

is Dodge, Vienna, Tyler. They all work together, sorta, before the "Neuro-Virus". Sam and Dodge are partner at Tyler and Vienna and 'kiwi" are partners. Tyler is like the boss of the operation. Later Sam is like the boss, Vienna is to become Sam's girlfriend and Dodge and Tyler follow and help.

The SAM-ory or summary

At the beginning, Sam is doing what he does best, hacking. He sends most of the world into shock, and he gets some of the most expensive stuff you can get, free, with processing and handling. He gets the newest Neuro-headset, newest laptop, and another set for a friend, two sets for the price of ZERO. Now at that climax, Sam is racing for Cheyenne Mountain with Dodge and Tyler to try and destroy "Ursula", who is the computer who is taking over people's minds, and they are being chased by helicopters and the road is packed and they are running out of time do to the nuclear war about to happen, WOW is right. And at the end Sam and Dodge plan to destroy Ursula fails so they put on a neuro-headset to end it all but Dodge dies or is infected but sam is equally matched that Sam kind of becomes Ursula.

The Mind Problem

The conflict is that are main characters learn there is something out there that is destroying anything is its path. It kills one of the team, Swamp Witch, and then almost kills Dodge but Sam was there to help, and that's when the "Neuro-Virus" starts. The thing learns it can control anything with the the Neuro headsets. Now it's a race against time to destroy it and not die. Also most of the team is using neuro-headsets and so the turn against Sam, Dodge, and later Vienna as well, have fun. :)

Title Explanation

The title of the book, Brain Jack, was a good name for this book because it is referring to the brain being jacked or being stolen which is what is happening in the book. So it fits the mood if you give it enough thought. Now if I would named this book, I would have called it The Best There Ever Was because Sam was the best hacker at comic con, was the best at surviving when the Neuro-virus comes out, and he survives all that Ursula put him threw.

Book Review

I think if at the end Sam and Dodge did not do what they did and that the virus they released worked that Sam got married to Vienna. But later they find out that Ursula survived the virus and which would go to the next book. Otherwise, I loved this book, it was good in all the parts it needed to. And it was scary and suspenseful in parts that needed it.
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