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Upcoming Events

  • Nov. 17 - Instructional Rounds
  • Nov. 18 - North Family Thanksgiving Meal ($9 per person)
  • Nov. 19 - Faculty Meeting 7:45 am in Library
  • Nov. 20 - Spanish VOC test in Library (Check student list from Ms. del Valle)
  • Nov. 20 - Student Volleyball game 2 Hr. activity schedule
  • Dec. 2 - RFM Technology Part 2
  • Dec. 10 - Faculty Meeting

Starbucks Staff of the Week

This week we celebrate our two GiGi's! GiGi Gonzalez and GiGi Mason

GiGi Gonzalez is our Student Data Specialist and GiGi Mason is our Paraprofessional in the Behavior Program. Both of these ladies are like having super cool moms on campus. Not only are they awesome at their jobs, but they also are a second mom to so many of our kids and even us adults at times. They are women of compassion and empathy and a powerful example to all of us. Thank you ladies!!!

Coach's Corner by Rhonda Bristow

Rhonda has has done an excellent job of recapping some learning from our visit to Coppell East Middle School to see how they have incorporated technology in their school.

Check out Coach's Corner and follow Rhonda on twitter @RKB51

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Instructional Rounds

Some important reminders about instructional rounds...

Our Purpose...

Our school data indicate an imbalance in teacher talk versus student talk during classroom instruction. Research shows that enriching student/teacher discourse and strategic questioning during a lesson fosters increased student engagement, accountability, and understanding. Student/teacher discourse can be measured by the frequency of teacher talk versus student talk and by strategic questions that are tied to learning targets.

Our Goal...

Our goal is to reach 3 seconds of wait time after teacher questions as a common practice, 50% of questions will be open ended and 50% of classroom discourse will be student driven.

  • Visits are designed to collect data in a specific area of instructional practice
  • Visits are non-evaluative, this is not a part of a teacher's evaluation
  • Visits allow teachers to collaborate and discuss campus wide instructional practice
  • Collective data will be shared with all teachers and staff
  • There are no teacher names shared when data is presented back to staff
  • Each PLC will be a part of collecting data through a Rounds experience in Dec. and Jan.
  • We become better teachers when we watch our peers teach

Thanks for being a part of a whole learning community!!!

Advisory Update

In your box this week, you'll find...

- AA One Pager Week #13

- Attached instructions for the StuCo Canned Food Drive

*Heads up - Yearbook kiddos will be coming around (starting tomorrow) to take pictures of your students. The yearbook is "selfie" themed and they want to make sure as many individuals as possible are represented. Just don't be alarmed if they come and want to take pics of your kiddos!*

Please continue leaving detailed plans for your subs - it is so helpful, especially when we have multiple subs in the building!

Looking for a new Professional Learning Experience?

Try EdCamp...

Edcamps are composed of educators, administrators & staff members who share a vested interest in growing professionally. Unlike other conferences, edcamps are considered to be an unconference because it does not include a key note speaker and the cost of attending is free. If you want to share your ideas, sign up to speak. You want to hear the ideas of others being shared, sign up to attend a session.

RISD 2016 Bond Presentation

Monday, Nov. 30th, 6:30pm

1600 North Coit Road

Richardson, TX

RISD is continuing to evaluate potential items to include in the 2016 bond and public input is a critical part of the bond planning process. Public meetings will be held in each of RISD's four feeder patterns to present information about possible items for inclusion, solicit feedback, hear ideas and answer questions. Parents, residents and employees who are interested in the bond planning process are encouraged to attend.