Big Ben's History


Have you ever had something that was like a treasure to you? Maybe you have,it probably made you feel safe or it was special to you. That is exactly what the Londoners felt when the clock tower,Big Ben ,was made.
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The London Fire

A London Fire inspired the creation of Big Ben. On October 1834, the Palace of Westminster was destroyed in a fire. The people of London needed a new House of Parliament. They decided it should have a tower and a clock. Charles Berry and Augustus Pugin volunteered to build it.
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Early Years

Big Ben is a 2.28 meter clock tower with a bell. It is located at Westminster London. The huge bell inside Big Ben was hard to build because it kept breaking. The first time Big Ben rang was on July 11, 1859.


The popular clock tower represents many things. One of those things are that it was the new parliament of London. Also the continued functioning of the British government,especially in war. Finally, they honored Big Ben by rebuilding the Palace of Westminster.
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Big Ben went through thick and thin with the British government.No matter what happens Big Ben will always be londons' famous landmark.

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