the midfield

by ryan king


       I’ve played soccer for a long time and mostly played central mid. In midfield you control the entire flow of the game so it’s a pretty important position. That’s probably my favorite part of playing that position. As soon as you become good at it, it is addicting. I played soccer all the time.         
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Me and soccer

       I started playing soccer when I was 6 and select soccer at 8. I got on a really good team with two of my friends I had played with since I was 6. I had 4 years of select soccer. There are red white and blue in division one. I was on red and white for Lonestar. I was pretty good and practice seemed boring but I could always get better. I got out of soccer last year because I decided to play football for the school. I still play soccer on my own and for the school.
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Greats who play the position

        Soccer is the world’s most liked and watched sport. All around the world there are different soccer clubs with great players. Although there are not many american players who play other places in the world clint dempsey, there has been more of an influence lately in america on soccer. Three of the best central midfielders ever and my favorite are Bastian Schweinsteiger, Xavi Hernandez, and Steven Gerrard. They all play for the most prestigious soccer clubs in the world. They have all influenced me from watching their moves, their hustle and their work ethic.
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Why I play it

         I play soccer not just because it s my favorite sport it’s my sport. It is one of the freest running games there is and at center mid you have a lot of options. Unlike most sports the clock never stops ergo free. When you both love something and your good at it you should capitalize on that chance.