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May 21, 2021



The new anti-drug curriculum in the S.P.A.R.T.A.N. program has been introduced to fifth graders and is taught by the Region’s School Resource Officer Richard Innaimo. By offering a comprehensive approach to the dangers and health risks posed by the various types of narcotics and drugs that can be present in any school system, the program’s goal is to educate as well as provide the tools and social skills necessary to sidestep the potential peer pressure and social challenges that can come with drugs and alcohol in a youth-filled environment.

Rather than a straightforward lecture, Officer Innaimo provides engaging, evidence-based and thought-provoking question and answer meetings that outline and display the effects possible from drug abuse and addiction. After working in Waterbury's narcotic unit and interacting directly with families and individuals impacted by the negative effects of drug abuse, our community is lucky to have someone who has a deep understanding of the importance of reaching our children as they begin their paths to adulthood.

Thank you Officer Innaimo for supporting our community!

Connecting with Nature

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Botany Is Beautiful

Ninth graders were outdoors to assess Shepaug’s new apple trees. They learned to determine what herbaceous, softwood or hardwood growth is and the technique of cuttings to propagate plants based on the density of the plant material. By choosing the proper density or strength, it increases the chance of the new growth to root quickly and grow into a new plant.

The Science of Salmon

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Food Science students study the chemical process of preparing salmon and how the brining process adds liquid to the cells which will be cooked off to prevent overly dehydrating the fish. Additionally, students weighed both farm-raised and wild salmon before brining as well as after cooking to learn how flavor and texture can be affected by these variants.

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Visiting Violinist

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On May 17th and 18th, Booth Free School students were treated to the beautiful sounds of violinist Mrs. Chung, who performed music arranged by Instrumental Music Teacher Jennifer Doiron.

Senior Project Spotlight

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Ava Adiletti - Swimming Safety

For Ava Adiletti’s senior project, she helped introduce personal safety in the water as well as swimming survival skills to middle and high school students. Shepaug's large pool provided the perfect environment to teach the basics of safety. For example, Ava updated the students' understanding of the importance of treading water and distance swimming.

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Senior Project Presentations

The document linked below will allow you to access the Zoom links for this year's senior project presentations.
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Covid-19 Vaccine & Our Immune System

Scientists refer to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as “m” messenger RNA vaccines. They work in your body by making a viral protein called a “spike” protein. The immune system recognizes the protein as an “invader” and stimulates the immune system to develop antibodies, leading to effective prevention from the most serious symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.

Viruses do not have their own energy source. When a virus enters a person’s body and there is an abundance of sugar in their diet, the virus may use the sugar as a fuel source thus compromising the immune system. Although the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not contain a “live” virus, the Covid-19 virus can have detrimental effects on our bodies.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of this vaccine for active immunization that may prevent Covid-19 (or decrease its effect on the body significantly) in 12-16 years of age and older.

Important choices that help boost the immune system are:

Vitamin D (fat-soluble)

Enjoy warm sunny days outside to allow the skin to produce Vitamin D from the sunlight. This vitamin also helps to absorb calcium and regulate bone growth. Some food sources of Vitamin D are: egg yolk, oily fish, milk/orange juice fortified with Vitamin D. As a person ages, the Vitamin D levels in the body become insufficient causing a Vitamin D deficiency. Recent studies show the importance of Vitamin D especially in fighting Covid-19 and the potential side effects with the Covid-19 vaccine. Vitamin D, when eating foods, or taking supplements with Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc, helps to protect our body from this virus (food sources: dairy, leafy green vegetables).

Vitamin C

Our body does not store this vitamin. It utilizes what it needs at the time and what is not needed, leaves the body. Vitamin C is contained in foods such as oranges, broccoli. Red bell peppers are foods that act as a “fuel” for the immune system. Other food sources are yogurt, poultry, and lean meats (also a good source of zinc which is good for our immune system).

Vitamin B

Some food sources are green vegetables, chicken, salmon, and chickpeas (hummus).

Vitamin E

Good food sources are nuts and seeds.

Vitamin A

Some food sources are carrots, squash, strawberries, cantaloupe, dark green leafy vegetables, pineapple (aids in digestion by breaking down proteins).


Rich foods such as watermelon, lettuce, oranges, celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers help to lubricate our joints. Drinking water during the day also helps our blood flow and cleanses our body.

In addition to healthy food choices and daily exercise, sleep/rest is very important to help our cells regenerate to enhance our immune system.

Mask-wearing, along with social distancing and frequent hand washing continue to be helpful precautionary measures to keep everyone safe and to reduce the chance of spreading this virus during this pandemic. It is important to remember that our health belongs to us and is OUR responsibility.


Edith M. Poidomani, RN

Shepaug Valley School Nurse

Substitute Teaching Positions

Does your schedule allow time to join our team?

Region 12 is hiring teacher and para substitutes for all schools. We welcome and encourage parents and community members to apply. Click here to begin your application.

Fliers & Upcoming Events

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Region 12 Calendar

May 22 - Senior Prom

May 22 - Agriscience Plant Sale at Bridgewater Fairgrounds

May 24 - BOE / Long Range Planning Committee Meeting, SVS, 6pm

May 24 - Board of Education Meeting, SVS, 7pm

May 26 - Academic Awards, SVS, Zoom, 7pm

May 27 - Stephen Reich Memorial Award Presentation, SVS, 8:44am

May 27 - FFA Banquet, SVS, Zoom, 7pm

May 27 - Middle School Play, Zoom, 7pm

May 31 - Memorial Day, No School

June 2 - Scholarship Night, SVS, Zoom, 7pm

June 3 - Burnham School PTO Meeting, 6pm

June 4 - Athletic Awards Night, SVS, Video, 7pm

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