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Your Weekly Inspiration

Fabulous February!

I love the beginning of a new month! So much to be excited about! New stylists, Valentine's Day sales, and increased momentum from all of you hard work in January towards booking!

Weekly Focus

1. Front-load your month!

Take the 555 Challenge! Sell $500 by the 5th of the month, for a $5 Starbucks card from me! Why? This qualifies you early and you're assured business credits for the month, plus consistency in your business, and the $100 jewelry credit for being qualified 3 months in a row! Plus, everything else you earn is icing on the cake! Make is a habit to front-load your month. Offering the first days of the month and focusing on builiding those first two weeks. Then you have the last part of the month to work on other aspects of your business or add more sales if you need them to reach your monthly goal.

Today, call some husbands and offer your personal service to help with Valentine's Day! This is a great way to add sales right now!

2. Booking out February and March

So we've been booking for spring over the last 2 weeks. Last week I spent over 2 hours really focusing on calling a giant Who Do YOU Know list. This week, I'll be following up with all of those that I didn't connect with and focusing on the other half of my list. My goal is to book 6 shows for February and March. Why? Trunk shows spur more trunk shows and sponsoring! The more trunk shows you do, the more people you'll meet to talk to about hostessing and sponsoring. Honestly, it's just easier. When you have lots of shows on your calendar, you'll continue to have the new contacts to book future shows.

3. Back to the Basics (B2B)

LOVING this call that we began last week! This 4 week series of calls on the basics of our business is TONIGHT! . Tonight is the second call and we will focus on selling, how to handle several orders at once, increase sales, and make lifetime customers! Star Stylist Susan Carruth will be on our call. She sold over $61,267.62 in 2012! You'll want to learn from the best, so be sure to get on this call tonight! This call continues tonight, Monday 2/24 at 8:30 to 9:00 pm EST and runs weekly until 2/18. . In order to maintain a small group feel and discussion, we are limiting this call to 10 participants. HURYY! ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!

This call is for anyone that wants to learn about how to have a consistent business by focusing on the circle of success, Book>Sell>Sponsor.

Call in number is 559.546.1000 password 1041536 Please register here!

We are Dazzled by....

Top in Sales for January!

Congrats to everyone for their hard work in January! These ladies were top in sales for our team and also earned month one of the consistency bonus! ($100 jewelry credit for being qualified Jan, Feb, Mar)

  1. Susan Carruth $3,631.00
  2. Carolyn Barnes $3,309.00
  3. Hannah Hendley $2,674.00
  4. Sherry Sawicki $2,501.00
  5. Amanda Shaw $2,351.00
  6. Paige Fulford $1,669.00
  7. Kim Renz $1,418.00
  8. Lupita Mcclenning $1,190.00
  9. Brittany Faircloth $971.00
  10. Samantha Boone $872.00
  11. Tammy Haynes $602.00
  12. Anna Sample $599.00
  13. Whitney Metts $590.00