PAX Tools: Mystery Motivators

Non-Tangible Motivators For Meeting Expectations

PAX Tools - Mystery Motivators

PAX Tool: Mystery Motivators

What typically comes to mind when you hear the word "prize"? Probably candy, a toy, a pencil or eraser, or even money. Tangible rewards feel good instantaneously but do little to create long term behavior change. Mystery Motivators build stronger connections between the behavior and the feeling of "I like that, I want to do it again".

Mystery Motivators are:

  • short
  • often physical
  • don't require a lot of set up
  • do not require you to buy anything

Mystery Motivators:

  • can release energy
  • increase bond between children and adults
  • increase motivation to complete tasks
  • increase motivation to meet expectations

Premack Principle:

* motivation increases to perform an activity or meet an expectation if you know you will be able to do something you like as a result.

Positive Affirmations
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Examples of Mystery Motivators

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Examples of When Use Mystery Motivators

  • Beat the Timer: when your child beats the timer "reward" the met expectation with a Mystery motivator.
  • School Work: choose a Mystery Motivator when an academic activity is completed.
  • Chores: let your child choose a Mystery Motivator when chores are completed.

Use Mystery Motivators anytime you would like to "reward" your child meeting an expectation or completing an activity.

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