Learning Styles

Find Out Your Learning Style

Have you ever wanted to figure out your learning style?

There are 8 different kinds of learning styles. The different kinds are Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Visual/Spatial, Musical/Rhythmic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalistic. They all mean different things and everyone will eventually find out what kind of learning style they are.

What Do The Different Types Of Learning Styles Mean?

The types of learning styles all mean different things and everyone has a learning style they just might not know what it is. The first is verbal/linguistic which is related to words or language. The second is logical/mathematical which means reasoned, precise, accurate. The third is bodily/kinesthetic which means physical activity and moving. The fourth is visual/spatial which mean mental images or seeing. The fifth is musical/rhythmic which means patterns in sounds or music and learning better by music. The with is interpersonal which is relationships with others. The seventh is intrapersonal which means within self. The last is naturalistic which is related to nature and environment.

What Do The Different Learning Styles Look Like?

Help Yourself Figure Out How You Learn Best!

These pictures will help you figure out what your learning style is by being able to tell what the characteristics are. You can then think to yourself if its really you or not.