Welcome to Charmànt Masculenté!

Luxurious Homes await

Be Stress Free!

We can take away all or most stress. Our goverments goal is to make sure all our inhabitants are happy and healthy. Kids worried about painful vaccines? We have short needles for those who are scared. Need more time for a paper? We can give you a 3 day extension period for the paper.

Luxurious Homes

When you get here you wiill have no wory of buying a house and grocerys we have it already set up for you! A small house, a fride full of food,a closet with clothes,and $1000 to get you going till you get a job. Our founder Carly France kept in mind that when you move you arnt always ready and organized,so we set up youre new home


You dont have to wory about taxes,because we have juicy strawberrys and watermelon fields to keep our economy going. These fruits are popular in the winter and ours are lush year round They are shipped to other countries and we get our moeny in return.

Our founders birth day!

Friday, Dec. 26th, 12-12am

Charmànt Masculentè

Our founders birthday is a small celebration of cake and presents. She and her twin sister are given yummy cake and presents
Touch for awsomeness

Our community animal