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November 2019

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Fall Keys To Success Conference is a Wrap!

What a Great Conference this year! Nearly 180 area parents and professionals came together to attend workshops, connect with one another and visit with vendors of agencies and providers. In case you missed it... Workshop handouts can be found on CESA 11 Website.

Save the Date-April 4, 2019 Spring Keys Conference Hudson WI

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Coming Soon to Your Mailbox!

Households will soon receive a packet by mail with the Procedural Safeguards Booklet and copies of resources we want to showcase as supportive tools and resources. The resources in the mailing are included in this newsletter below with electronic links to where you can find them.
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Adult Decision Making

Any person in Wisconsin over the age of 18 is legally an adult and is presumed to be able to manage his or her own finances, choose where to live, consent to medical treatment, vote, make contracts, marry, and exercise his or her own legal rights as an adult. This presumption does not change because a person has a disability. There are many resources available on Supported Decision Making and Guardianship. Wisconsin Family Voices offers an overview of the differences between Supported Decision Making and Guardianship. Click Here for the fact Sheet!
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Wisconsin as a Village of 100

Are You on FaceBook looking to connect with other families about issues important to you?

The following FaceBook Groups are local, parent led and share information and resources.

Better Together - Eau Claire

SNAPS EC: Special Needs and Parenting Support Group

Autism Society Chippewa Valley

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