Staff Memo Exeter Primary School

Tuesday 2 May

Term 2

Hello everyone,

Well we have made it through week one and things appear to be going along well so far. I would like to acknowledge the work that has been happening in Grade Team planning sessions and the value of these sessions in supporting curriculum alignment and the implementation of explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy. I would like to remind teachers that is an expectation that the explicit teaching of problem solving should be happening in every classroom. All primary classes have access to the resource box and should be using this to support their instructional teaching . Where possible use the extra support that is available to you but if not this is not possible the teaching of problem solving should still be happening each week.

Cross country is happening this week so we are hoping for fine weather so that we do not need to postpone. At this stage the only rain date that will work is Friday. This is not ideal as Kinder will need to do their run later, so lets hope all is fine.

We have a number of professional learning sessions coming up and already many people have indicated their interest. This Saturday we have a team of teachers attending the session at UTAS on using picture books to teach grammar and maths.

Coming up on Tuesday May 24 is an afterschool session at the Tramsheds on Spelling with Misty Adoniou. If you are interested in attending please let me know and I will RSVP for the group.

I have attached to this newsletter the link for the upcoming Mathematical Association Conference which is being held at Burnie High School on Friday May 13 and Saturday May 14. Please let me know if you are interested in attending as it would be great to have some EPS representatives there.



Briefing 8-25 am

LIL - B4 School Playgroup 9-00 am until 10-30 am

Grade Team Planning - Lauren Shepherd Grades 3's, 4/5 and 5 and 2's

Bec Wheatley - Karen Dawber

Carolyn Cunningham - PL - NR 12-00 pm until 4-00 pm

Jill Wivell - PL - Nigel Cunningham 12-00 pm until 4-00 pm


Staff meeting - Problem Solving PAC


LIL Book Fun 9-10 am to 10-10 am

Alison and Amy to visit Bitlink - Inveresk


Cross Country Carnival

Chris Alcock - PL - Alida Quigley

Carolyn Cunningham - PL - NR

Alison Brooks - PL - NR

Jill Wivell - PL - Lauren Shepherd

SM - The Garden with Liam


Pre Kinder 9-05 am to 10-35 am and 11-35 am to 1-05 pm

TSO To George Town- Grade 3's depart at 9:30 and return around 12 noon.

Sallyann - AEU - NR

Names of students receiving an E rating to be forwarded to Evie today

High School student helpers begin today for the next four Fridays. Working with Prep, Grade 3 and 4 students from 12.10 - 1.00

Classroom Safety Checklists

In your pigeon holes I have put a classroom safety checklist, can you please fill these in and return to Sheryl by the 10th May or asap.

It is an audit requirement that these are done. Thank you in anticipation Sheryl

UTAS Contact for Student Visits

Marcel Kerrison

Community Education Development Officer

T - 6324 3743

F- 63243788


Staff Fund Accounts

Staff fund accounts will be placed in pigeon holes next week. Please note that these can now only be paid by cash or cheque - no eftpos.

Staff Car Park

The staff car park is becoming a real safety risk to children as an increasing number of parents are using this area for school pick ups. We will be closing the entrance each afternoon about 2.30 which will cause problems for those staff member who are leaving straight after school. If you are one of those people who will be affected can you please discuss with Alison or Sheryl.

Swimming Caps

In Grade 3, 4 and 5 teachers’ pigeon holes are swimming caps in readiness for the Swimming and Water Safety Programme, there is a list with them with the houses that the students are in, can you distribute the correct colour to relevant child, that way they can be used for our swimming carnival later on in the year.

These need to be named with a permanent pen.

Morning Duty

Please remind students the climbing equipment is out of bounds before school for safety reasons, as we do not have staff who are able to stay and ensure their safety. If children are playing on equipment please sit them on the seats until the bell rings.

Art Gallery

Just a reminder for teachers to be collecting a sample of student's art work to be considered for the Art Gallery in Term 4. Teachers will be asked to submit the work in the last weeks of term 3.


4/5 Clark

Growth Mindset

RSA ANIMATE: How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential