Lindsey Cerva

History of Hospitals

"Today's Regional Medical Center in Memphis, the oldest hospital in Tennessee, was founded in 1829" (Unknown, 1). According to America's Essential Hospitals, an association for hospitals and health systems, before hospitals were invented people did their work from home (1). People came up with the idea of hospitals from the creation of institutions (1). When hospitals were just getting started some people started fresh and just started building them, while other would continue from almshouses (a building in which poor people were taken in to be care for). Hospitals at the time were only used to shelter people with disabilities, disabled, or people with illnesses (1).

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First Hospital

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Organization of Hospitals

If you have ever noticed hospitals are very well organized. Not only with paper work and other medical records, but even with the different departments and their locations (1). According to "Organizations that have this sort of requirement usually take on a vertical organizational structure" (Feigenbaum, 1). Usually when you enter a hospital, it's basically like a clinic; where you visit a specific doctor and nurse if you're ill. As you go up the floors they have sections like a sections for dental, or for surgeries, and scanning/x-ray. In hospitals they are most likely going to put departments that are similar on the same floor.

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Careers and What They Do

On they have listed about 100 main careers in the medical field. The have popular careers like nursing, but the also have careers like Nuclear Medicine Technician that are not well known. Even though they have many different careers they all pretty much have the same main job to do (1). As claimed by "Today's health care professionals work hard to promote hygiene, prevent and detect disease, cure patients, and when that is impossible, reduce their suffering." ( Unknown, 1)

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Nuclear Medicine Technology Room

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Different Medical Departments

In the medical field not only do they have many jobs, they also have many departments that those jobs fit into. On they have "a list of main departments you'll come across when you visit a hospital" (Henderson, 3). One department for example is called Diagnostic Imaging, which is where scans and x-rays are taken place. I have found out that even though the departments are different, they all somehow are connected with on another. Which is why departments that are similar to each other are usually put on the same floor.

Department Sign

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Throughout the years our medical fields have changed so much especially with the use of medication. Medication has improved so much since when it was first basically invented. We have went from using roots and plants to mixing it with other things to that have now led to type of medications we use today. According to "At the end of World War I, 20 million people in Europe died of flu- scientists knew what caused flu but had no cure for it" (Trueman, 2). Which this shows a lot now because we have shots the can prevent disease and illnesses. It was said that the main problem back then was people just had bad hygiene (2).

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