G Ringle

For President of the United States

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As Chief Diplomat I will:

Assume the role of leader of the free nations which includes:

Striving towards global peace and overall well being of citizens of this world.

Utilizing war and violence only as a last resort.

Placing the well being of other nations above our own economic incentives if at all necessary.

As Chief Executive I will:

Nominate only those I feel are best suited for the role at hand not those who I agree with most or the politically correct choice.

Fully embrace the civil service exam system for other executive positions.

As Chief Legislator I will:

Strictly comply to the safeguards placed on me and not over reach my influence in terms of legislating.

Let the legislators legislate and I will execute.

Allow the checks and balances system put in place by our founders to run its course efficiently.

As Republican Party leader I will:

Place the the opinions of the nation and the overall well being of the nation over my own party's platform.

Place the opinions and advice of my nominated executive leaders and my personal intuition of the opinions of my party.

As Commander In Chief I will:

Promote diplomacy over violence in all scenarios.

War only as a last resort.

Incentives to increase the technology and efficiency of our armed forces rather than the overall size.

As Chief Citizen I will:

Take into account overall public opinion in all executive decisions I make.

Allow expert advise and my own personal intuition to influence decisions as well.

Don't let public opinion be the end all be all.


Born and raised in Avon, Indiana where he attended Avon High School.

Lyan Ringle doubled majored in Economics and Political Science at Olivet Nazarene University where he also played tennis and earned All-American Honors.

While attending Olivet Nazarene he founded the Spikeball Club and the Books Beyond Borders Club.

Lyan Ringle served as North Carolina State Senate where he served on the US Senate Standing Committee on Education and as chair of the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations.