6th Grade Math Lesson - Mrs. Porter

Lesson Objectives

To review the most crucial skills from 6th grade math and learn how to keep from losing those skills over summer break.


90 minutes

Office Hours

Monday, May 16 from 6-8 PM

Wednesday, May 18 from 3-5 PM



3 min

Watch this video about Judy Moody's last day of school.

Greg Bennett banjo featured in Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (2011)


27 minutes

Let’s review the really important skills you should have mastered this year. Follow the links for mini reviews of what you’ve learned.

Big image


40 minutes

Do 5 problems each of these top 5 skills in IXL to practice! (Paper/pencil practice pages were included in your eLearning Day packet if you prefer to work offline or need to.)

Options for Summer Math Practice - Here are some great suggestions for things you can do this summer to keep your skill sharp. Spend some time checking them out and thinking about which one would be a good choice for you this summer.

  • Practice Makes Perfect!

    • Xtra Math - Great site that gives you just a little practice at a time to build your math fact skills

    • IXL - You have access to your account all summer long!

  • Math Games - There are tons of great math game sites. Keep your skills sharp with play!

  • Math Projects - Find answers to some very interesting questions! You’ll need math to do it!

  • Offline Practice - Get a summer math worksheet packet from me or print your own sheets from this site: http://www.education.com/worksheets/middle-school/math/

How much practice do you need?

Just 15 minutes 3 times per week will help you keep your math skills sharp!

Brainstorm Games that Use Math

Add your own favorite game!


[x min]


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