Thirty One Turkey Trot

Every Participant WINS!!

Over $400.00 in prizes to win!

  • FREE Hostess Exclusive Her Deluxe Backpack ($80 value)
  • FREE Hostess Exclusive True Beauty Bag ($45 value)
  • FREE Hostess Exclusive (to be announced) ($160 value)
  • $50 in any FREE product
  • $25 in any FREE product
  • $25 in any FREE product
  • Half-priced item
  • Half-priced item

Here's how it works:

  1. Take one of my Turkey Trot packets to your Thanksgiving get together's.
  2. Collect at least $100.00 in orders. This takes only 2 to 3 average orders.
  3. Email orders to me by Tuesday, December 2.

Prizes will be drawn on Wednesday, December 3rd!!!!

*Prize values are based on 6+ participants. Prize value subject to adjustment with fewer than 6 participants.

**Orders will arrive in time for Christmas delivery.

***All orders and prizes will need to be picked up from me. Direct shipping is available for an additional $4.

Stacy Bosco

Independent Senior Consultant, Thirty One Gifts