Yuliza Castrejon

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

airfare cost and schedule

The cost for two people for the flight would be $3414. Plus $50 for food purchase.

I am leaving Denver 1:25 pm and stopping in Dallas,Texas due to a layover .Then arrive at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at 8:10 am. So it is about 14 hour flight.



The hotel that i will be staying at in Rio de Janerio has different prices. I have check the price of the hotel in Kayak and Hotels.com.

I have found a hotel named Rio Orthon Palace which is the one that i will be staying at.

Hotels.com: Has a room for $242 a night with a view of the ocean and free WiFi.

Kayak.com: has a room for $241.85 a night with free breakfast and a ocean view with free WiFi.




There is many thing to do in Rio. When i went to Rio visited christ of redemmer.Also relaxed at the beach after climbing the stairs so I can see the statue.I also whent to the city just to see what there is to do

history and culture

Rio has always have a big celebration called Carnival.When they have these parties the dress up in a certin way. Big puffy head bands with a indian like.The people back then would work for hour eirther in the mountains or in the mountains minning.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Some problem people have when they are flying is losing their luggage. 1 out of 150 people have gotten their luggage stolen or lost. Other things have been stolen like passports and wallets. To protect their belongings keep up with your things on the baggage. claim.http://thetravelmonster.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/problems-encountered-while-traveling-and-how-to-prevent-it-from-happening/


After time researching and exploring Rio it has been amazing. Letting me being a tourist in Rio was perfect.I have seen the the movie Rio and I told my mom when i was younger i said "Mom i want to go to Rio." My mom was like okay go for it if you have the money. So I grew up and i visited Rio. I can't imagine if life can get any better than this .