Barclay Bulletin

December 3, 2020

Report Cards are Coming!

We have report cards set to come home with students today and tomorrow depending on your cohort (cohort 4 report cards will be mailed home from Barclay School). I wanted to let parents know that report cards might look a little different this Fall then they have in the past. You might see more N/A (Not Assessed) for standards this marking period then you have before. It has been more difficult assess student work because of the hybrid model brought on as a result of COVID-19. N/A might mean that the standard has not been taught yet this year, or it might mean that it has been taught, but the teacher does not have enough evidence of independent work samples to truly designate a score on the report card for that standard.

If a student receives a score of 2 (working toward standards) that is perfectly acceptable at this point in the school year. It simply means that the student is progressing toward meeting standards.

Comments will be a great indicator of areas of strength and growth for students. Look at the comments to see what a teacher has indicated with regard to instruction at this point in the school year.

Special area teachers have seen students either 10 times (PE) or 5 times (Art and Music) so what you see there may not encompass all of the knowledge that special area teachers have regarding your child. If you have specific questions related to Special Subjects, please reach out to the specific teacher with your questions.

If you have report card specific questions you can ask the classroom teacher for clarification (conferences are a great time for those questions). If you still have outstanding questions, feel free to reach out to Mr. Morrison or Mrs. Roberts.

Free Milk

Upstate Farms has donated free milk coupons to Brockport Central School District. We plan to have those coupons coming home by the beginning of next week. Cohort 4 students will receive a coupon in the report card. Students in cohorts 1,2, or 3 will get them from classroom teachers either Monday or Tuesday. They do have an expiration date of December 20, 2020.

Conference Days

December 10th and 11th are half days for parent/teacher conference days. You should have already had your conferences scheduled with the classroom teacher. All conferences will be virtual this year. Student days are half days both Thursday and Friday. Students should be picked up by buses or dropped off at school at the normal start of the day times. Students that are being picked up from school will be released to the cafeteria at 10:57 am both days. The car line up should start anytime after 10:30 am. Please note that we will not release students early in the car lines. If you need an early pick up from the office, those need to be completed by 10:45 am. Please contact the office at if you are planning to pick a student up from school and it is different than your regular pick up. If you have somebody picking a student up from school, please make sure they have the Pick-Up Pal card with them to speed up the process. Feel free to contact us in the office at the above e-mail or at 637-1840 if you have additional quastions.

Fully Remote Update - Grade 3 Students

If you have a third grader, classroom teachers will be communicating with you regarding an opportunity to stop by the building and pick up some resource materials for ELA. We have some books that we would love to get in the hands of students for an upcoming unit so we don't have to rely solely on technology. If you will have difficulty picking up the materials from school, notify the main office and we will attempt to arrange a delivery.

I've included two podcasts below if you're interested

I couldn't import the podcasts to the SMORE Bulletin, but you can highlight the link and right click and goto, or copy and paste into your favorite web browser.