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Week of September 14, 2015

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CMS Volleyball Results vs Coppell East

7th Grade:

A team Colleyville won 27-25, 25-22

B team Colleyville won 23-25, 25-17, 15-8

C team Colleyville Won 25-8, 25-14

8th Grade:

A team Colleyville won 25-12, 30-29

B team Colleyville won 25-13, 25-8

C team Colleyville won 25-19, 25-16


Mrs. Alexander for being selected to be part of the launch team for New York Times Bestselling book For The Love by Jennifer Hatmaker.

GCISD ThoughtExchange

GCISD Thought Exchange: We invite and ask that you please take some time to respond to a few important, open-ended questions that will help guide the future of our school and our district. This process will help us understand shared concerns and positive things about our organization. We're listening and every voice matters! Take part now by clicking on the following link:

PLEASE ensure all your information is UPDATED and ACCURATE

How can I do this? Information on the easy way to make this happen below:
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Membean! What?

Membean provides guided, engaging, multimodal vocabulary instruction while using an Adaptive Reinforcement Engine helping students retain what they learn. Please help to build your students vocabulary by just 30 minutes a week on Membean!!

For even more answers, please view the Colt Chat from September 2nd that covered Membean! Link to CMS Membean blog:

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 14

5:30 pm 7th Grade B Football at Coppell East Middle School

7 pm 7th Grade A Football at Coppell East Middle School

Tuesday, September 15

5 pm 8th Grade B Football at CMS

6:45 pm 8th Grade A Football at CMS

Wednesday, September 16

Thursday, September 17

5 pm 7th Grade C Volleyball at CTMS

5 pm 8th Grade B Volleyball at CTMS

6 pm 7th Grade A Volleyball at CTMS

6 pm 8th Grade C Volleyball at CTMS

7 pm 7th Grade B Volleyball at CTMS

7 pm 8th Grade A Volleyball at CTMS

Friday, September 18

TBA 7th Grade A Volleyball at GMS

TBA 8th Grade A Volleyball at GMS

Saturday, September 19

TBA 7th Grade A Volleyball at GMS

TBA 8th Grade A Volleyball at GMS

Spring Testing

Please note the following 2016 dates for Spring STAAR Testing:

March 29, Writing, Day 1 Grade 7

March 29, Math, Grade 8

March 30, Writing, Day 2 , Grade 7

March 30, Reading, Grade 8

May 2-6, Algebra I, Grade 8

May 9, Math, Grades 6,7

May 10, Reading, Grades 6,7

May 11, Science, Grade 8

May 12, Social Studies, Grade 8

Upcoming Volunteer Training

Please remember to be a volunteer on any GCISD campus you must complete two steps.

1. Click here to complete the on-line background check.

2. Volunteers must attend a campus orientation to have an overview of campus expectations. This must be completed once during your three years at CMS. If you have not have completed the campus training we will be providing trainings on the following days.

Friday, October 2nd

5:30 - 6:00 pm ~ Volunteer Training

Grapevine Christmas Parade will be on Thursday, December 3rd!!


The Colt Crew is made up of CMS dads whose mission is to meet and greet as many students as possible on Friday mornings so the kids can start their day off in a positive way with a handshake, smile, pat on the back and "have a great day" greeting! That's it….very simple.

This program provides a way for CMS dads to 'give a hand' with the kids at school. At the same time, they get to meet key CMS staff members and interact with other CMS dads.

The program is modeled off the successful Grateful Dads program at Grapevine High School that has already spread to Heritage Middle, Colleyville Heritage High, Timberline Elementary, Cross Timbers Middle, and Grapevine Elementary.

If you are interested in be part of the Colt Crew, please email Mindy McClure, CMS VP of Volunteers, at

Google Classroom

Thank you for your patience as we switch from Edmodo to Google Classroom as our campus based platform for teacher/student collaboration and communication. Our expectations are that all teachers will post their classroom assignments by the end of the day in which it was assigned.

One change from Edmodo to Google Classroom is that there is not a separate parent log in. Many of our parents found the parent portal for Edmodo to an issue. If you want to see what your child is doing in class, we encourage you to sit down with your student and ask them to log in and you look at their Classrooms together. This switch to Google Classroom will allow us to streamline many of our initiatives with Google Apps for Education. We will be offering a parent class during the month of September. More information will be forthcoming.

Want to see the lesson provided to your students on Google Classroom? Check out the resource at You can also find additional information at and

Google Chrome at Home

Some parents are reporting that their child cannot load documents from Google Classroom at home. We have found that Chrome is the best browser to use with Google Classroom. However, many parents are logged into Google Chrome with their personal gmail address. When a student simply opens a tab, it is sensing that they are the personal email associated with Chrome.

Did you know you can link multiple accounts to Chrome and easily have multiple accounts logged in at once? Check out this resource and add your student's gcisd student email account to Chrome!

If your child is having problems with a log in, please have them stop into the Learning Commons (library) for support from Mrs. Smith.

Google Classroom Notifications/Gmail Setup

Classroom notifications are sent to the students GCISD email account. Students should be checking this email account on a daily basis. Want to help them set up their email on their phone or learn how to use Gmail? Please follow these instructions

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Students have periods of time during their Language Arts classes and Advisory set aside to read. Please make sure your child has a book with them at school. Our Learning Commons (library) is open for check out!

Literacy Symposium Flyer below:

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AIM for SUCCESS Preview is:

The 6th Grade AIM for SUCCESS Preview is:

Location: GCISD Board Room; 3051 Ira E. Woods Ave.

Date: Thursday, October 1st

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Followed by the 8th grade one from 7:15-8:15.


Location to be announced.

Date: Thursday, October 8th

Time: 10:30 am and 6 pm

Presented by the Women's Center

Nurse Martin Tips

How Much Sodium Per Day for Teenagers? How much sodium should kids get?

The American Heart Association recommends 1,500 mg of sodium a day for all Americans.

How much sodium are children and youth in the U.S. eating?

On average, kids ages 2-19 eat more than 3,100 mg sodium per day, about double the amount the American Heart Association recommends. The older children get, the more calories and sodium they tend to eat.

In the 2-19 year-old age group for boys and girls, boys ages 12-19 eat the most sodium — an average of 4,220 mg/day. Girls in the 12-19 year-old age group eat about 2,950 mg/day.

Where do kids get their sodium?

Children ages 6-18 get about 15 percent of their daily sodium at breakfast, 30 percent at lunch, 39 percent at dinner and 16 percent at snack time. Grocery store and restaurant foods make up 83 percent of the sodium these kids eat, which means it is already in their food before they buy it and they can’t take it out.

These foods contain the most sodium!

 Pizza

 Bread and rolls

 Cold cuts and cured meats

 Savory snacks (such as chips and pretzels)

 Sandwiches (including burgers)

 Cheese

 Chicken patties, nuggets and tenders

 Pasta mixed dishes (like spaghetti with sauce)

 Mexican mixed dishes (like burritos and tacos)

 Soup

Nurse Martin

Counselor Corner




On September 14 and September 16 the counselors will meet with 6th graders and show the S.O.S (Signs of Suicide) middle school video “Time to Act” and discussing the video. This video will be shared with all GCISD middle school students. Students will learn how to respond to a friend who may need extra support. One tool they will gain is the acronym ACT.

A: Acknowledge the problem

C: Care. Let the person know you care.

T: Tell a responsible adult.

Counselors will also discuss the difference between sadness and depression. Please make sure to preview the videos if you were not able to go to the Parent Preview September 3. Please use the link to get to the videos.

The dates below are when we meet with 7th and 8th graders

September 23 for 7th grade

NINE WEEKS – This year middle school will be on a 9 week grading period. The first progress report date will be September 11 and the second progress report date is October 2. The end of the 1st 9 weeks is October 16. Please make sure that you are checking Skyward. You can download the Skyward app for your phone or for your

child’s phone so you can monitor grades.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM – Make sure to ask your child for their log in so you can help them manage their homework in Google Classroom. Please remember to us Google Chrome to log into Google Classroom.


DUKE TIP letters for 7th graders will be mailed home by next Friday, September 18.



Bobby Bragan applications are due to their English teacher or counseling department by November 13. Please check the counseling website for the Bobby Bragan link or call the counseling department if you have questions.


Please remember that high school credits taken in middle school appear on your child’s high school transcript, but the grade does not count in your child’s GPA. Grades start counting in the high school GPS once the student is in 9th grade.


This Wednesday we met with 7th graders and talked about the three C’s of decision-making and outlined the upcoming guidance.


Parents please take a minute to complete a survey about the CMS Counseling Department if you haven’t completed it yet. This will be the last week it is available. Thank you for completing it to help us help your child.

Krystal McCure – Counselor A-K – 817-305-4916

Stefanie Chapman – Counselor L-Z – 817-305-4917

Shari Vanderwork – Registrar – 817-305-4955

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Please see counseling office for the full application!!

Principal Points

It was a shortened week but full of excitement!

Football scrimmages and Volleyball season has started!! Yes, school is in full swing now and it was awesome to see the our students competing. Rain and lightening could not even stop the Football teams from playing in the scrimmage on Wednesday. Our Volleyball teams played before a packed house on Thursday. It was truly a lot of fun to watch them compete!

I had the privilege of visiting several classrooms and answering AVID student questions throughout the week.

I was also very proud of our students on Friday. The students did an amazing job of remembering 9/11 which truly amazed me since the majority were not even born yet! Thank you PALS for putting that together for all of us!!


Ryan Martin

CMS Principal