PSAT Score Reports and SAT Prep

The SAT is coming for all Juniors on April 12th.

PSAT Score Interpretations

On January 25th, counselors met with all 11th grade English classrooms to pass back PSAT score reports and explain what useful information is on the score report. Please take some time to review your student's PSAT scores at home. This information is very useful in coming up with a plan for preparing for the SAT in April.

CollegeBoard and Khan Academy Accounts

Counselors also helped juniors create a CollegeBoard account. With this account, students can access the online version of the PSAT score report which contains detailed information about specific test questions. Counselors helped students then link their PSAT results from CollegeBoard to Khan Academy.

Khan Academy offers free, prescribed SAT preparation based on their PSAT score results. Students can log onto Khan Academy using their HVS Google account to get access to practice for the redesigned SAT in April. If your junior had any issues creating a CollegeBoard account or linking PSAT scores to Khan Academy, please have them come down to the Counseling Office for assistance.

AP Potential

You will also find a section on your student's CollegeBoard account called AP Potential. This provides information on potential Advanced Placement coursework available to students next year. Based on skills and abilities demonstrated on the PSAT, CollegeBoard uses AP Potential to suggest specific AP courses which a student may be successful in next year. This may encourage students who have previously not considered taking AP coursework to explore this option for taking rigorous, college-level coursework while still in high school.

April 12th - SAT Test Day

All LHS and MHS juniors will be taking the SAT at their high school. There is no need to register. Students simply need to arrive on test day prepared to take the test and report to their assigned location. More info on SAT Test Day to come as we get closer to April.

To be continued...

There will be more information to come each month as we approach SAT Test Day. Coming up next, counselors will be visiting classrooms again to deliver short lessons focused on SAT test-taking strategies and you will receive more information on test preparation resources for the SAT coming up in April.
Yours in SAT Preparation,

Lakeland High School Counselors