Sparta and the Athenians

Some facts about Sparta and Athenians

The Athenians education for boys

Athenian boys were taught by one teacher to read ,write and to do math.Another teacher taught them to sing and play this instrument called a lyre.At age 18 when there all done with school they could graduate and become a citizen.

The Athenians education for girls

Athenian girls stayed at home where their mothers taught them to do spinning,weaving,and alot more other household duties.Only in some wealthy families did there daughters get to go to school but they couldn't go to public school they had to go to a private school.

What Solon did to help the Athens

Solon helped the farmers cancel there debts and freed the people that had become slaves.

Solon also allowed the male Athens in the court of laws.

How peisistratus helped the Athens

He won support over the poor by dividing large city-states to landless farmers.He also gave money to the poor and jobs building temples and other public work.

What Cleisthenes did for the Athens

He reorganized there governing and as before male citizens could vote on laws.However citizens had new powers they could Debate matters openly,hear court cases,and appoint army generals.They also created a council of 500 of people.

Where are the Athens located

The Athens are located northeast of sparta,at least a two day trip away.The two city-states were also miles apart in there values and systems of government.

The war of the Athenians and Nobles

The Athenians began to rebel against the nobles money,and many people sold themselves to slavery to pay off there debts.