Torn Notebook

Lincoln, Nebraska

Background Information

Torn Notebook was created by Claes Oldenburg. This sculpture was comissioned in 1995. It was finished in 1996. It is located in The University of Nebraska. Oldenburg got inspiration from his old notebooks.

Artists statement

While searching for an idea for a sculpture, he drove in a car writing down simple objects he could possibly make into a sculpture. When he got back to the studio he then realized that the idea of writing stuff down in a notebook was perfect for a university. Oldenburg would tear his notebooks in half after he was already finished with them. He then used the idea of a twisted spiral in his sculpture. The sculpture seems to rise like a huge bird spreading it's wings.
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My thoughts

I think this sculpture is awesome. He took something so simple and made it a work of art. He took something no one normally thinks about and made it special. I think is sculpture is really unique. It's especially cool because it's so close to where I live.

-Isabel Sermeno