Chapter 5 Vocab


This picture displays a t-shirt with a sentence that is written in both Spanish and English.


This picture shows a graphic with a phrase using the word pardon from French origins and my from English.


This picture depicts a chalkboard that is in front of a coffee shop. The advertisement on it has words in both English and Dutch.

Lingua Franca

This picture has textbooks with names of common languages that could be considered a Lingua Franca.


This picture has an origin tree showing the branches of many languages. It continues further to show how the languages are interconnected.


This picture depicts several ideograms from the Chinese language.


This picture is an example of Ebonics because the substitute uses certain characteristics of the dialect. Such as "I be", which is not considered proper English grammar, but is alright in Ebonics.


This picture is an example of dialect because it has the Valley Girl dialect, which is considered a dialect because it is incomprehensible to the rest of us.

Extinct Language

This picture displays a bingo board with Latin words. Latin is a distinct language because it is not commonly spoken these days. If it is, then barely anyone would be speaking it.


This picture would be considered BRP because the man on the right is speaking very proper. Which is how the upper-class Britons in London nowadays are considered to speak.