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October 12, 2020

half day of school tomorrow (October 13th)- 12pm dismissal time

It was a really good day and it was so good to have all of the students back in the building. They did a great job!

I have a few tweaks for tomorrow.

If you are car pick up, please make sure to have your name cards on your dash when you arrive at school.

On a normal day (not half days)

Kindergarten will dismiss on 27th at 2:30

CD students dismiss on 27th Ave at 2:40

Kinder with older siblings wait in the classroom until they are picked up by the older sibling.

First graders (without siblings) dismiss at 2:35 and will have their own pick up lane.

First graders WITH siblings will wait under the ramada for the older siblings to join them for parent pick up.

If you are parking on side streets and WALKING to pick up their children then the student should be labeled a "walker." Parents should meet them at the canopy outside the cafeteria.

Please do not exit your car and walk to the front of the building or the gate to pick up your child. If you are a car pick up, please wait in line and we will bring your child to you.

There are a lot more car pick ups this year and we are doing the best we can to work through the process. We will get things working seamlessly after a little bit of practice. Thank you again for being patient.

Have a great night!

Stacey Orest

half day of school tomorrow(October 13) - 12pm dismissal time

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