El Salvador

Heriberto Hernandez

fast facts

continent :north America capital: San Salvador population:6,141,350 area;8,124 squera miles main languages : Spanish main religion: roman catholic distance rom capital to Washington D.C :188,517 miles

1.area culture food

pupusas is the most popular food in el Salvador is tortilla with beans ,cheese and other ingredients well there most other popular food like tamales .beans etc.

2.ara of cultere games and sports

El Salvador most famous sport is soccer people make a mess in a stadiums because the other team are losing and some times they kill other people

3.area of cultere holidays

EL SALVADOR celebrates the independence day on 15 of september

4.area of culture

the government requires al children to attend 6 years so they can have a beeter life .

5.area of culture life as a kid

some kid in el Salvador

things I would like to to see and in this country

I would like to make some money for my family because 50% are poor and some don`t have enough money .