Brooks School Elementary Camps

Week 3 June 15-19


Welcome to camp at Brooks School Elementary! We are excited to see you all!! Please call the site phone listed under your childs' camp if you have questions!

Every Day

Hello Families!! Every day please pack the following items:

  • 2 Snacks
  • 1 Lunch
  • 1 Refillable Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Swim Suit (On Swim Day)
  • Towel (On Swim Day)
  • Extra Clothes in a Zip lock Bag (accidents happen, mud happens)
  • Zip lock Bag for wet clothing
  • Please label your campers belongings
  • We encourage proper shoes for camp- close toed shoes such as tennis shoes

When does my camper travel to the Fishers Y to swim?

Lego Ages 5-6 Thursday 2-2:50

Messy Art Ages 6-8 Thursday 2-2:50

TV Game Show Ages 8-12 Wednesday 2:50-3:45

Graffiti Art8-12 Wednesday 2:50-3:45

Rocketry ages 7-11 Thursday 2:50-3:45

Graffiti Art ages 12-15 Thursday 2:50-3:45

Drop off and Pick Up

  • Drop off starts at 6:30 AM
  • A Picture ID is REQUIRED by ANYONE who is picking up your child
  • Your child may not be picked up by anyone who is not on the pickup list
  • The person who registered the child for camp is the ONLY person who can make pickup changes
  • Your child must be picked up by 6 PM or you will be charged $1 per minute for every child and minute after 6 PM

Preschool Ages 3-5

Get ready to hop through the holidays this week! We will be making some crafts about the different holidays that we celebrate. singing songs, playing games, and learning about the outdoors. Our week of camp is bound to be fun so don't forget to bring you bathing suit, water bottle, lunch, two snacks, and sunscreen each day.

Brooke Denny- Director 317-626-1424

Lego ages 5-6

Let's start building! This week we look forward to learning how to build different lego sculptures and projects each day, as well as spending our afternoons outside playing games, singing songs and learning about the outdoors. Also please don't forget to bring a bathing suit, water bottle, lunch, two snacks and sunscreen each day.

Brooke Denny- Director 317-626-1424

Messy Art ages 6-8

Get ready to get messy! Each day we will be working with different mediums and ways to paint. If you could please send a white shirt by Wednesday, we will be using these to be painted as on of our canvases at the end of the week. Please make sure each day to wear clothes that can get dirty and that we need to bring a bathing suit, water bottle, lunch, two snacks, and sunscreen.

Brooke Denny- Director 317-626-1424

Graffiti Art 8-12

This week is sure to be full of fun and excitement as campers not only learn the history of graffiti art, but also learn how to do it as well. Throughout the week, campers will learn different techniques/styles of graffiti art and they will be making pretty cool pieces of artwork. During the afternoon, traditional activities like crafts, games and food projects will occur. CAMPERS WILL NEED TO BRING A T-SHIRT BY THURSDAY TO BE SPRAY PAINTED FOR A CRAFT! See you very soon!

Audrey Stauffer- Director 317-919-4401

TV Game Show Ages 8-12

Do you have what it takes to survive this week? Campers will be tested to the limits physically, mentally and emotionally! (Ok, this isn’t the real Survivor, so maybe not emotionally J ) Throughout the mornings this week, campers will show off their brain skills in Jeopardy, their probability skills in Card Sharks and team up to play in different Survivor type games. Campers will be playing numerous games that are popular on tv. Hope they’re ready. The afternoons will be filled with traditional activities like: crafts, games and snack time!

Audrey Stauffer- Director 317-919-4401

Rocketry Ages 7-11

Hello and welcome to Rocketry camp, where we will be traveling to the moon and back! This camp will teach the mechanics and fun behind rockets! Campers will leave camp with hands-on building experience, new knowledge of our Solar System, and a fancy NASA badge to show off too! Your kids are sure to have a blast! To infinity and beyond!

Lincoln Clauss- Director 317-626-1424

Graffiti Ages 12-15

Hello and welcome to Graffiti Art, a brand new camp for your campers to express their creativity and artistic ability. Everyday we will learn about the history, designs, and shapes of today's modern graffiti art. We will also have a special Graffiti Art Show at the end of the week. More details on the show to come!

Lincoln Clauss- Director 317-626-1424

Program Director and Camp Coordinators and Site Directors

Brian Shelley- Program Director 317-558-3218

Erin Kelly- Camp Coordinator 317-626-1417

Audrey Stauffer- Director 317-919-4401

Brooke Denny- Director 317-626-1424

Lincoln Clauss- Director 317-626-1424