Toddler Clothing

Katelyn Vallejo and Savannah Briscoe


Quality in clothing is very important. You need to make sure the clothing has proper ventilation and can keep a baby cool/ warm and you need to make sure the toddlers clothing fits correctly.


You need to find clothing that is easy to wash and dries easily. You need to read the labels and make sure you don't need to hand wash.

Self Dressing

Make sure the clothing has snaps so that your child can easily dress themselves also you can purchase clothing that has Velcro. Don't not purchase clothing for your child that has button unless you are still dressing them.


Wearing tag less clothing enhances the overall comfort.


Neck area drawstrings on children's clothing found on some jackets and sweatshirts, are hazardous. For infants and toddlers, small pieces on clothes are a choking hazard, notes Buttons, zipper heads, bows, rhinestones are a concern.


Children tend to grow fast , try to find clothing that has a
elastic waistline and adjustable shoulder straps and go for sleepless