Are you capable?!?

Join BUD/S training

You are brave. You are bold. You can take this chance!

Are you capable of joining the training? Do you want to become a stronger person? You can become stronger physically and mentally. Nothing can help you like this. Don't do this for pride or for bragging join because you need it and you want it. Don't miss the great opportunity of taking an experience that will change you and help you. "If you are capable of surviving this then go ahead and try to control the world!" like Rudy Ramhall once said. If you ever wanted to join the army but were to scared the start of with this and you'll see you can do it even if it takes you a lot of hard work and effort. After all that is how you should earn things by giving time and effort. Don't take this opportunity and throw it in the trash or give it to your dog to eat. Take this and do what you might have thought you'd never do.

Strong doesn't mean strength it means capability of facing anything.

Is it time to do this?

If you are still reading it probably means your mind is telling you to because it's something you should do. Even if you think you shouldn't waste your time on something that you are going to quit on instantly it is still worth it. You will find out your strengths and weaknesses. If nobody supports you show whoever doesn't believe in you what you are capable of show them how strong you are. Believe me you are STRONG!