GaVS Mentoring 2013-2014

5 August 2013

Welcome GaVS Mentors!

  • Introduction
  • Expectations and Requirements
  • The TOOL
  • Just in Time Training Process
  • Best Practices and Edmodo

General Expectations of GaVS Mentors

In addition to the Adobe Document delineating the GaVS Mentoring Program, all mentors should ensure the following requirements are met weekly.

  • Maintain the model classroom
  • Active participation in the the evaluation, support, and collaboration with the assigned mentee(s)
  • Compose a weekly update concerning the progress of all assigned mentees, utilizing the following Google doc:
  • CC Teacher Training Specialist ( and Department Coordinator on all weekly update correspondence with mentee(s)
  • Coordinate a weekly "chat time" with the mentee(s) to discuss progress, areas of strength, weakness, general reminders, and address questions. *The chat should be held after Monday, as to not conflict with JIT training.
  • All GaVS Mentors will assist with JIT training, and Marge will coordinate her needs weekly. Please note that this platform requires active participation to ensure the material is conveyed promptly and the questions are addressed thoughtfully within the hour session.