Leachville Gazette

November 13, 2015

Reading Readiness

Last week, the mayor introduced the residents of Leachville to the rigor of the California State Reading Standards in a test format. Leachville will be strategically working on this throughout the year to prepare them for success on their May testing. Residents read the passage "The Big Game" and had to answer multiple choice questions in addition to two constructed responses (essay questions). You will notice that question 13 has three parts to it and question 14 requires summarizing and giving evidence. This first attempt allows the students to see their areas for improvement. You will find this test in this week's Friday Folder.

This Week in Reading

This week we have continued partner reading. Here is what Leachville thought about partner reading. Griffin says, "I love it and it is fun and I recommend Notebook of Doom." Aidan says, "I think partner reading is fun and so great. I hope I can do partner reading next year." And that's it for today. This was Jacob Girgis. Bye!
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Operation Gratitude!

The mayor mailed off 2 boxes of candy and letters to Operation Gratitude! Leachville residents showed gratitude and compassion to give so generously from their Halloween candy. Their thoughtful and heart-felt letters are sure to brighten up a soldier or veteran's day! Great job Leachville!

Field Trip Reminder

Please send in your completed medical release form, permission slip, and $15 donation for our field trip to the Shipley Nature Center as soon as possible! (Checks can be made out to the Arroyo PTA.)

Stone Fox

Get the scoop from your local Leachville resident! The mayor finished reading one of her top 10 favorite books, Stone Fox, today as Leachville wrapped up this Reading Unit of Study. We studied comprehension strategies, how to tackle hard words, and figurative language through this beautiful story that Griffin perfectly described as, "one of my favorite books with my least favorite ending."