Holiday Call

A Chance for the Wisdompreneurs Community to Gather

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Tuesday, December 9th at noon Eastern, 9am Pacific

Join us on December 9th for a special winter holiday themed Wisdompreneurs community call!

  • Come meet other people interested in depth, integrity, entrepreneurship and FUN.
  • Take part in a simple but powerful ritual celebrating the end of yearly cycle and the beginning of the next (please bring a candle).
  • Listen to some community members share about how Wisdompreneurs has impacted their lives. (You can share your experience in the box below.)
  • Hear about our focus of creating more local opportunities to connect in 2015.

It's online, free and you can join from anywhere. The only two things we ask is that you bring a candle (for our ritual) and an open heart.

Here's the conference line information:

Conference ID: 431269#
Primary Number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary Number: (858) 703-3093
Local Numbers:

And, if you'd be open to sharing a story about how Wisdompreneurs has impact your life and/or business, we'd love to share that on the call (no names will be mentioned unless you give us permission). Please share in the box below.

We are Wisdompreneurs

Wisdompreneurs is a global organization of transformational leaders that are co-creating a new economy and creating vibrant lives through the power of combining wisdom with entrepreneurship.

The call will be lead by co-founders Alison Raby and Paul Zelizer.