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August 2 - 6

A Message from Mrs. Venegas

Hello Raider Family!

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!!! We are so excited to be starting another year of EMS Raider magic! We are ready to welcome every Raider to school and cannot wait to see what our commUNITY accomplishes this year. A few notes to help you feel prepared for the first week of school:

  • Make sure your Raider is prepared with a charged Chromebook (if they still have theirs) and a backpack ready to receive school supplies.

  • Raiders should arrive to school by 8:15 am each day. Breakfast is served at 8:20 and the tardy bell rings at 8:30 each day.

  • Raiders who need to receive Chromebooks will do so in the first few days of school.

  • School IDs and lanyards will be distributed during the first week. Students MUST wear their IDs at all times. The first ID and lanyard is free, but replacements will be $10.

  • One free uniform shirt will be distributed to all Raiders during the first week of school.

  • All Raiders are expected to be on time to school and each class every day.

  • The Socioeconomic Information Form will be sent home this week. Please complete it, sign and return it, as it is the ONLY piece of documentation that our district collects to ensure our campus receives Title 1 funds. Title 1 funding is how we purchase items like school supplies and uniform shirts for students, provide extra duty funding for student academic support, and purchase technology that helps them learn.

  • I have included a complete Leadership and Clerical contacts list document at the end of this newsletter for your use. Please keep it handy in the event you need to get a hold of someone on our team.

  • Remember, our campus communicates via this weekly newsletter sent every weekend AND social media frequently. Make sure your email and phone number are update in our system and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is an exciting week and has been a long time coming. We are going to continue SETTING THE GOLD STANDARD in all we do. I thank you for your support and partnership in the educational experience of your Raider--we couldn't do it without YOU!


Mrs. Venegas

First Day Procedures - What to Expect on Day 1 and beyond

Just a preview of what tomorrow and the first week will look like:

  • Raiders will enter the Main Entrance on Chaswood or the bus entrance on Album.

  • They will find several copies of the student locator list on the main entrance trophy case, the front office windows, or the yellow tiled wall outside the cafeteria. These list students alphabetically by last name and show their first period teacher's name and room number. Students will report to this room by 8:30 am.

  • If a student DOES NOT see their name on the student locator sheet or has not bee enrolled or registered, they must remain in the cafeteria for assistance.

  • All first period teachers have printed copies of schedules for students. Students must follow their current schedule, and should log into the HAC in the event any changes have been made.

  • If a student DOES NOT have a printed schedule or see any schedule in the HAC during first period, they may head to the counselors' office for assistance.

  • Students MUST follow their schedule all day, even if they will be requesting a change. It is important for attendance purposes as well as student safety that students are reporting to their assigned classes all day.

  • If a student requests a change from the counselor, they still must follow their complete schedule until notified the change has been made.

  • Lunch will be crowded as we have over 500 students in each grade level. Keep in mind that we do not force students to eat, and many opt to go outside and hang out in the patio. After the first week, lunch crowds will settle into a predictable pattern.

  • Dismissal is promptly at 4:00 pm. Students departing by bus will leave via the Album exit, while everyone else will leave through the main entrance.

  • Before- and after-school traffic is BUSY! If you are picking up your Raider, plan to park in the neighborhood and have them walk to meet you rather than driving into our front drop-off/pick-up zone.

  • Please DO NOT use the faculty parking lot for drop-off or pick-up. It is too dangerous and not made for this purpose.

EMS Title 1 Parent Meeting & Open House

Thank you for those who were able to attend (physically or virtually) our 2021-2022 Title 1 Parent Meeting and Open House. We had a full campus. The turnout and support just confirms for us (again) what a WONDERFUL Raider commUNITY we have!

We thank you for your patience as you stayed to order or pay for school uniforms or wellness uniforms. Our volleyball and football coaches were so pleased to meet our future athletes and collect Rank One information. Our Raiders will be more than READY to take to the court or field!

We also hope that you were able to safely make your way around the campus grounds. Our custodial crew does an amazing job keeping EMS as the gold standard of middle school campuses.

If you were unable to attend or view our meeting, please see the link below for the video or the PDF file below to download the presentation. Thank you for also signing in using our link below. Your attendance at this meeting helps us meet our requirements to keep Title 1 funding in good shape.

Title 1 Parent Meeting Sign-In Link: https://tinyurl.com/2122ems

YouTube Video Link (presentation): https://youtu.be/sl7MPPgqv9o

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