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The EBDA team has secured a training facility in the Tsakane Business Park.

Many of the unemployed youth from Tsakane and Kwa Thema have found it difficult to take advantage of the learning programmes offered at EBDA because of the cost of transport. The training facility at the off-site Tsakane campus will now be able to cater for walk-in learners from these areas. The facility was identified after extensive consultation and negotiations with the Skills Development Unit from the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council.

The following programmes are available at EBDA’s Tsakane Business Park campus:

• a full range of fully accredited Microsoft computer programmes (in conjunction with EBDA’s strategic partner, the Siyafunda Community Technology Centre);

• an entrepreneurial development programme for school leavers and owners of small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs);

• mathematics, science and accountancy classes up to N3 level. These classes cater for school children as well as any learners who wish to improve their existing qualifications; and

• various pre-N1 bridging classes.

The Tsakane campus also serves as an important recruitment centre for EBDA.In addition to enrolling for EBDA programmes, individuals are also able to submit CVs in support of applications to take up EBDA learnerships.

EBDA is a leading training provider in the Ekurhuleni district of Gauteng, South Africa. Visit http://www.ebda.co.za